Two proposals denied, four passed

Senators vote on proposals for the first time this school year.


Rebecca Mitchell, Writer

The senate meeting kicked off as senators discussed and voted on proposals from last week.


The New York Times proposal for 80 printed and 80 digital copies a day passed in the full amount of $7,056 in a vote of 14-0-1.

The entire amount of $10,336 for the 16-hour dance-a-thon, the Biola-Thon, was denied in a vote of 11-3-1.

For the Hart Loves Week proposal, there was a unanimous passing of the whole $995.

Biola’s 6th Street Public Relations proposal to host an Operation Christmas Child party passed in the full amount of $540 in a vote of 12-3-0.

The request for $500 to aid in paying conference fees for the Public Relations Student Society Association national conference was denied in the full amount in a vote of 14-1-0.

Lastly, the Candyland proposal passed in the full amount of $1,650 with a vote of 13-1-1.

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