Senate formulates start of the year plans

Senators discuss internal matters to begin preparing for the rhythm of the semester.


Rebecca Mitchell, Writer

With school in the swing of things, the Student Government Association met to talk about how things will run this year in senate and other activities around campus.

President Jess Snow brought the senators up-to-date on the process of purchased iPads. In an email Snow received, the shipping date is set for Sept. 16. The iPads originally passed in a vote in February with the intention of using them for collecting student surveys when senators go on rounds to better enable them to vote on proposals. During the meeting, the senators discussed how to go about collecting the surveys without the students perceiving that senators only conduct surveys, rather than serve as a way for the student voice to be heard.

Originally, the meeting was intended to include vice president of finance, technology and HR Brandon Berz’s proposal presentation for continuing the subscription on the New York Times. Because the finances were not currently up-to-date, the timing did not work out. Berz will propose next week instead.

The remainder of the time, senators heard from the executive board about updates, as well as how senators will be in charge of checking people’s waivers and giving them wristbands for Nationball.

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