Three proposals passed, two proposals denied

Senators deny two proposed initiatives because they already receive club funding from Student Programming and Activities.


Melissa Hedrick, Writer

Senate began with a review of logistical happenings. The application for next year’s position of diversity inclusion coordinator was posted on the Student Government Association website Friday, April 29. It is due Friday, May 6 at 3 p.m. in the SGA office. The payroll committee decided it will be a paid position, five hours a week, especially due to the required training and other events in early fall. This addition will not increase the total amount of funding for payroll as other positions such as president and senators will likely undergo a small decrease in their weekly allotted hours.

SGA continued their previous discussion about the swastika drawing and the impact it has had on the Biola community. President Taylor Stribbling asked the senators about their input regarding the publication of an SGA statement on the results of the incident. The content was not firmly decided in the meeting but would include stories of students’ negative experiences on campus and what SGA has done, and will continue to do, to facilitate conversations about diversity.


Vice president of marketing and communications Samuel Jackson proposed $298.90 for an iPad mini 2 intended for use as an incentive for students to take a survey about SGA, which will be distributed Tuesday, May 3.


Last week’s proposal for the POPS! Concert was passed in the full amount of $700 as senior vice president Drew Mattocks broke the tie after a vote of 6-6-3.

The proposal for 1,300 incoming student planners was passed in the full amount of $3,581.50 in a vote of 10-2-3.

Funding in the total amount of $530 on behalf of Biola Broken for printing costs of educational materials was denied in a vote of 9-3-3 against the proposal.

The proposal for the PRSSA Dodger’s fundraiser was denied by a vote of 12-0-3 in opposition to the proposal.

Funding for the iPad mini 2 passed for the full amount in a same day vote of 10-2-3.

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