Campaign reaches 94 percent of goal

As the Biola campaign nears the end, administration considers fundraising a success.


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Jana Eller, Writer

Eight months out from the end, the Biola campaign has reached $169 million. This is more than 94 percent of its $180 million dollar goal, leaving just over $10 million left to raise by December 31.

The campaign “A Soul of Conviction, A Voice of Courage” nears the end of its five-year fundraising process and expects to meet its goal by December. The campaign has continued to meet smaller goals, which contribute to supporting Biola students and faculty.

“We’re trusting in God’s faithfulness to provide the balance of the $10 million dollars by December 2016,” said Kira McCracken, director of advancement and donor relations.


Biola took the campaign to the road on May 9, 2015, with a goal of raising between $750,000 to $1 million from 16 events planned across the country. To date, they have reached a little over $600,000 and expect to reach their goal by the last stop in Chicago on Nov. 12.

“Those tend to be smaller gifts when you’re going out to the masses and then we’re doing a lot of work with individual families and those are the gifts that tend to be larger,” said Adam Morris, vice president of university advancement.

The road tour will suspend during the summer, but will start again on Oct. 1 in Dallas. From there, it will go to Portland, Colorado, and Los Angeles, before ending in Chicago where they expect to meet their goal.

Helen Morrison, freshman psychology major, likes the idea of how the road tour aligns with Biola’s values.

“I think it’s a pretty good idea and it also would help spread the love of God, in its own little way. I mean it’s more than just raising money…it’s a way of making God known,” Morrison said.


Donors have the option to decide where to distribute their funds. Should the campaign receive more money than their goal, the donor’s money will still contribute in the direction the donor originally chose.

The four main categories chosen include student scholarships, academic facilities, influencing the world of ideas and extending Biola’s global reach. These categories were chosen with the intention of improving Biola’s services to faculty, the campus and local and long-distance students.

Student scholarships have reached 88 percent of its $85 million goal. They will divide the total amount of money, allotting some for current students, and establishing an endowed scholarships for future students.  

Biola will set aside $74 million out of the $180 million goal for enhancing academic and athletic facilities. This includes the Alton and Lydia Lim Center of Science, Technology and Health and future renovations to the athletic fields on lower campus, including the tennis and softball fields. To date, donors have given 90 percent of the $74 million goal.

Biola plans on dedicating $13 million, 90 percent of which is currently raised, to influence the world of ideas by providing support for Biola’s Center for Christian Thought, Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts and the newest center on campus, the Center for Marriage and Relationships, launched in 2015.

Biola will set aside $8 million towards extending Biola’s global reach. This will provide easier access for long-distance and international students. Of this goal, donors have provided 13 percent.


Although few students seem to know much about the campaign, they like the idea of people supporting them financially from all across the country.

“I think that’s really cool that they’re doing that — I guess progressive is a good way to say it. I know that they have on campus, like fundraisers and things, but I didn’t know about that. So it’s kind of cool to know that Biola is going to that extent to try to help us out,” said Joshua Durant, freshman music and worship major.

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