“The Sound” of The 1975 stuns

The Manchester four-piece beautifully crafts their live show and live up to the hype.


Tim Seeberger/THE CHIMES

Tim Seeberger, Writer

Watching parts of their Coachella set and performance for Beats 1 Radio, I expected The 1975 would put on a great show at the Shrine Expo Hall on Tuesday. Yet, I did not expect their performance to completely blow me away.


From the start of the show, tensions ran high among the crowd. Everybody eagerly awaited the ‘80s-infused four-piece from Manchester to rock their world and watch frontman Matt Healy dance around on stage. People would charge the stage even if a technician played a note on any instrument.

The tension made sense, as The 1975’s sophomore album, “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful, yet so unaware” went to number one on both the U.S. and U.K. charts. Musically, the album is amazing, while their self-debut is also wonderful. I was not sure how the songs could convert to the live setting — and they shattered any doubt I had. From the first song, “Love Me,” every member of the band kept a high amount of emotional energy apparent. Watching Healy dance on stage motivated the entire crowd to do the same.


The setlist varied, including songs from both their old and new album. They nailed every song they approached in the set. From the hits like “Chocolate,” to deeper cuts like “Me,” they were musically spot-on. Hearing the masterpiece “If I believe you” played live with a six-person choir was captivating.

The stage setup was also amazing. The customized audiovisuals for each song made the experience of the concert that much more aesthetically pleasing. Hues of blue, pink, black and white danced around the stage during the set.

I also respected Healy’s interaction with the crowd during songs. I particularly found his words laudable during two breaks in the act. First, he told everybody to put down their phones for “Me” — the amount of phones held up to take meaningless photos and videos was unbearable at points. He told fans, “I guarantee that the next five minutes will be more potent than the f––––– memories on your phone.”


Secondly, he talked about the band’s experience of touring in Europe in the face of terrorist attacks. He told the crowd that being one of the first bands to tour in Europe after the attacks in Brussels was insane and how much Americans should value their freedoms. The band then played “Paris.” I have a high a amount of respect for a band who will stop their set to say such meaningful words and then play a song right after relevant to the topic at-hand.

I became excited for this concert the moment I bought the $51 ticket, but I had doubts if the money was worth the show. The band has a lot of hype around them that initially made me uninterested. However, The 1975 destroyed any inhibition I had about them — or the concert — in merely an hour.

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