Do more than accept refugees, provide for them

America must bring the debate to a practical level and do what they can to help.

Kristen M. Smith, Writer

With the recent crisis in Syria, many refugees are immigrating to America. This surge in homeless immigrants has led the way for many help centers to try and place these refugees in homes and help them find jobs they would be capable of doing.


International Rescue Company, or IRC, provides refugees with job opportunities and other beneficial classes that will help these refugees become more accustomed to the American way of life and thrive in a country that should welcome anyone who wants freedom from oppression.

Giving refugees somewhere clean and acceptable to live is the first step to creating a diverse but connected community. Helping these people gives them a second chance at becoming the person they could not in their home country. Organizations providing literacy classes and resources for refugees to use show America’s greatness when we band together and decide to help our fellow human beings.


IRC does continual research and follows up with refugees to ensure they are thriving in their new and unfamiliar environment. If refugees did not have access to literacy classes, the separation of culture and the language barrier would cause turmoil not only for the foreigners but also for local Americans. Allowing refugees to learn the English language helps their job prospectives rise.

In 2015, the International Rescue Committee helped resettle nearly 10,000 newly arrived refugees and provided services to promote self-reliance and integration to over 36,000 refugees, asylees, victims of human trafficking and other immigrants,” said IRC’s webpage. Integration is one of the most important aspects of having refugees in any country. As these people have endured traumatic experiences, they deserve to feel safe and welcomed into the country they immigrate too.


Giving refugees a chance at happiness and health reflects positively on America and promotes the idea that all humans have rights that every nation should uphold. Even though welcoming in foreigners people may sound like a bad idea, one should remember how America came into being. Through foreigners, America was born and has grown into one of the wealthiest countries on the planet. America is also known as the melting pot; this nickname alone promotes the idea that refugees should be welcomed in their time of need and should not be shunned because of fear of overcrowding.

Having diverse people groups is one thing that makes America great and one of the most sought after countries to live in. Organizations that help the meshing of cultures and help refugees become accustomed to America will impact later generations and influence how the world reacts to crisis in other countries. America was not meant to belong to one people group but to be shared with as many different people as possible. Not allowing people to come into this country and share its benefits hurts America’s reputation of a diverse country that allows a pursuit of happiness. Refugees should be given the chance to integrate into a new, safe culture that allows them to live the life they cannot in their home country, whether that be through literacy classes or career recommendations.

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