Hogsmeade comes to life

The long awaited magical land of Hogsmeade from Harry Potter officially opens this week at Universal Studios Hollywood.


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Jehn Kubiak, Writer

Harry Potter fans finally receive a chance to experience the land of Hogsmeade at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Hollywood, which officially opens April 7 after two and a half years of construction. Guests can reserve tickets from $90 to $115 on the Universal Studios Website, the price depending on how far in advance they book them.

Diehard fans

According to the Universal Studios Hollywood website, the Wizarding World contains many rides and attractions based on the series, including a roller-coaster called Flight of the Hippogriff, and eateries featuring butterbeer, sweets and other well-known cuisine from the novels. Fans can even tour the Hogwarts Castle in Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, a 3D simulation.

Stores will also sell other merchandise, such as Galdrag’s Wizardwear, which sells wizard apparel, or Dervish and Banges, which vends Quidditch Equipment. Diehard fans will enjoy Ollivanders, where they can craft their own unique Harry Potter wand or purchase a movie replica available from the store.

venturing to the park

Some students heard about the theme park from fellow friends while others read about it on news sites or saw commercials on TV. Senior elementary education major Megan Chiarelli heard about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on the radio and is interested in the virtual tour of the Hogwarts Castle the park offers.

“The only thing I’ve really heard about it was from the radio and it was talking about how it is full of magic and wonder,” Chiarelli said.

Junior business management major Harrison Pierce is a Harry Potter fan and very interested in venturing to the park. He watched videos, read about the park on different news sites and believes the park will generate a large amount of business.

“I heard it’s a really big opening for the theme park, that it’s going to create a bunch of customers and I definitely believe it will — Harry Potter’s such a big thing,” Pierce said.

exploring the fantasy land

Pierce grew up watching the films and reading the books and anticipates exploring the fantasy land.

“I’m excited because I share the same initials as Harry Potter — I go by Harry sometimes. I think it’ll be good and I’m excited to see all of it because it’s kind of cool,” Pierce said. “Growing up and reading all the books and watching all of the movies, you’re going to be able to see something that’s a simulation of that.”

Shayna Morgan, a Talbot student pursuing a masters in teaching, did not grow up reading the books and has only seen the movies. Her husband is a Harry Potter fan and the two will travel to the park soon.

“My husband and I are probably going to get annual passes just so we can see the Harry Potter world and check it out,” Morgan said.

Morgan looks forward to experiencing the cinematic Harry Potter world come alive.

“Just seeing the setting of everything — feeling like I’m on a movie set and feeling like I’m part of a world that’s created in movies,” Morgan said.

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