The Eagles keep rolling against the Royals

Down five runs after the the second, the Eagles managed to built a late comeback with back-to-back four-run innings.

For many students, Missions Conference week is really a great opportunity to spend the better part of a week as a kind of extra Spring break

Keaton Moore, Writer

After a late inning push, consisting of two four-run innings in the seventh and eighth, the Eagles managed to comeback from a huge deficit to beat the Hope International University Royals 10-7. The Eagles are now 8-8 in the Golden State Athletic Conference and stick close to the fourth place Master’s College Mustangs.

With sophomore starting pitcher Micah Beyer on the mound, the Royals jumped ahead 0-5 after scoring five runs in the bottom of the second inning. By the time Beyer left the mound, giving up nine hits, six runs and striking out seven, the Eagles started their comeback by scoring two runs in the top of the fifth from an RBI single from junior shortstop Alec de Watteville.

Down 2-6, the Eagles tied the game with a crucial four-run seventh inning. After back-to-back walks and a single, de Watteville hit another RBI single and was followed up by senior leftfielder Jeremy Barth, who hit a bases clearing double.

Another four-run inning in the top of the eighth gave the Eagles the 10-6 lead. Junior designated hitter Jonas Wellan gave the Eagles the lead with an RBI single and was followed up by Barth, who earned his fourth RBI of the game, and junior first baseman Jimmy Gallarda who hit a sacrifice fly. After giving up a single, sophomore righthanded pitcher Daniel Jang struck out the next three batters and shut the door on the Eagles’ eighth conference win.

The Eagles continue their series against the Royals at home on Wednesday, March 23 at 3:00 p.m.

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