Evolve with CD9

The Mexican boy band returns with force on their new album Evolution.



Catherine Streng, Writer

CD9’s fun, upbeat songs make anyone want to bailar — or dance, for non-Spanish speakers. And this Mexican boy band proved themselves as talented once again with their newest full-length album, “Evolution.”

a fast pace

I Feel Alive” separates itself from the rest of the album by containing EDM contributions mixed with acoustic guitar. This combination creates a fast pace anyone can easily play in a dance club. “I feel alive! Keep, keep on moving… sigue el ritmo,” CD9 sings and I do just that. This song easily remains one of my favorites from the album as I never cease to enjoy myself while the upbeat music and lyrics put a smile on my face.

Their previous full-length album, “CD9: Love and Live Edition,” contains a sound easily comparable to the stereotypical boy band music. However, because “I Feel Alive” was the first song I heard from the album, I wondered if CD9 decided to try a new concept since it remains different from their typical sound. After listening to the rest of “Evolution,” I discovered CD9 stayed true to their roots. Although they incorporated a club feel in songs like “Own the Night” and “Placer Culposo,” the majority of the songs remain similar to what someone would expect from a boy band — lyrics about love, happy vibes and plenty of acoustic guitar.

give me goose bumps

The boys themselves remain what I love most about CD9. Their harmonies together give me goose bumps as I listen to “Dime” and “A Tu Lado.” Despite some people disliking the stereotypical boy band sound, anyone with an ear for music can recognize their trained beautiful voices as talent — whether they understand the lyrics or not.

Good news for those who dislike listening to music in a foreign language, CD9 added five English songs to the album. “I Feel Alive (English version),” “Best Bad Move,” “Jaw Dropper” and “Guilty Pleasure” are the English counterparts to “I Feel Alive,” “Déjà vu,” “Peligrosa” and “Placer Culposo,” respectively. However, “Own the Night,” which remains one of my top favorites in the album, is an original song written solely for their English-speaking international fans. “We found comments on the internet of many fans who only spoke English. So we also need to give them good songs,” said Bryan Mouque during an interview with Billboard.

We love being compared

Many times people have called CD9 the “Mexican One Direction.” Although some bands would possibly feel upset constantly being compared to a foreign band, the boys of CD9 love it. “We love being compared to such a successful band…[One Direction’s] public is excellent. They have super fans. We want to bring happiness, succeed and do what we like [just like them],” William Valdes, a past member of CD9, told Espectáculos during an interview. “The plus is that we are Latino and because of that we have a special spark.”

The albums “CD9” and “Evolution” have reached over 150 million views on their Vevo channel. CD9 has received four Mexican Kids’ Choice awards and four MTV millennial awards. They have fans in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Panama, the United States and Spain. CD9 dominates worldwide and will continue to do so with “Evolution” behind them.

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