Take a look at Ted Cruz

He may speak harshly, but he deserves the conservative vote.



Ashley Evaro, Writer

Ted Cruz does not have to be nice to receive my vote.

Lately, I hear a lot of Biolans criticizing Ted Cruz for his harsh language, scathing speeches and personal squabbles with his colleagues in the Senate. Known for his rigid and contentious disposition, Cruz is far from the favorite on Biola’s campus or within the Christian conservative community. Yet, I urge the conservatives on this campus to reconsider Cruz as our champion in this race.

Kindness & Roughness

President Barry Corey recently published a particularly salient article in the Washington Post about the incivility of this year’s presidential debates and campaigns. Our president urges Christians “to focus less on battling their enemies than on befriending them.” I agree with this statement and the entire article wholeheartedly. I realize this makes me sound contradictory. However, I am convinced I can both agree with Corey’s conviction about kindness and urge others to support a candidate who is rough around the edges.

From Romans 13, we know the government exists to promote good and restrain evil. Thus, the man we elect as our next president will have the duty of rewarding what is right and punishing what is wrong. Ted Cruz will do this, and he will do it well. Most conservatives who disapprove of Cruz do so because of his brutal rhetoric and hard-lined agenda.

Success over Disposition

But looking at principle alone, Cruz fits in well with the conservative camp. He is faithful to the Constitution, is pro-life, stands for traditional marriage, believes in fiscal conservatism, and seeks a foreign policy that will protect his nation. Is he the sweetest senator to grace the halls of our nation’s capitol building? Probably not. At the end of the day, Cruz does not stand accountable to Americans for his disposition, but for his success in promoting good and restraining evil.

Given this defense of Cruz, one could reasonably ask — cannot the same be said of Trump?  There are two important differences between the candidates — Cruz’s rhetoric is harsh, while Trump’s is laced with falsity, malice and vulgarity. It is one thing to be direct and brusque; another to lie, slander and mock.

Identifying Good and Evil

The second difference is that Cruz will commit to the conservative Christian principle of promoting good and restraining evil. Trump, on the other hand, appears incapable of even identifying good and evil correctly. For example, his villainization of Mexican immigrants, which caused outrage early on in his campaign, made clear his ignorance of what is actually good or evil. Cruz may be a bit severe from time to time, but Trump’s extremism is completely out of line with the conservative agenda.

Cruz remains the only candidate left in the race who embraces true conservatism. Yes, he is harsh, but that does not mean he is not fit to take office. If you stand for conservatism, you should stand with Ted Cruz. And pray; pray God would soften any parts of his heart that are hardened. Pray he would both be a good leader as well as a considerate human being.  

Look at His Policies

But in the meantime, take a look at his policies — take a look at his treatment of good and evil. You will probably find him a better conservative, and potential president, than you thought you would.  

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