Basketball’s dynamic duo

Dave Holmquist and Dakari Archer earned awards for GSAC Coach, Player of the Year and NAIA Coach of the Year.




Dale Fredriks, Writer

This season has turned into quite a surprise for Biola men’s basketball fans. The team originally picked to finish fifth in the Golden State Athletic Conference has now won it for the first time since the 2011-2012 season. They are currently in Kansas City preparing for their first matchup of the NAIA tournament against the Faulkner University Eagles on Wednesday, March 16.

Eagles’ success

There are two major factors contributing to the Eagles’ success: head coach Dave Holmquist and junior guard Dakari Archer. Holmquist is in his 36th year of being the head coach for Biola, and he currently sits at number seven on the list of all-time winningest men’s basketball coaches at any level of college competition. His 29 wins so far in this season increase his total to an incredible 920, only three behind the late Don Meyer.

This marks the fourth time Holmquist has received the GSAC Coach of the Year, and second NAIA Coach of the Year award in the 22 years Biola has been a part of this division and conference. He won the GSAC award in 1996-97, 2001-02, 2003-04, and the NAIA award in 1981-1982 when he was co-Coach of the Year.

“Well it’s an honor to receive that award because there’s so many good coaches in this conference,” Holmquist said. “But you win that award because you have good players around you, and I’m grateful for the kind of players we have.”

undeniable impact

One of those players includes Archer, who has been a starter on the team since freshman year. Holmquist has seen Archer develop over the last three years, and is very proud of who he has become.

“We not only have a good player in him, but someone who is serious about his faith,” Holmquist said. “And when you get that combination it helps the team in many ways.”

Archer has had an undeniable impact on the team, especially with his abilities on the court. This year, he leads the team in both scoring and scoring average, with 516 points and 16.1 points per game. He also leads the team in three-point attempts (136) as well as makes (51). A final statistic of note is his free throw makes and attempts, as he went 137-173 on the season for a .792 free throw percentage.  

Both of Archer’s two previous seasons ended with a 16-15 record, and he remarked on what makes this year’s team so much more successful.

“I think it’s the maturity and the leadership we have on this team,” Archer said. “We care more about the little things and I think that makes us successful.”

more than just a coach

Holmquist has been with Archer since the beginning, and has taken on a role of more than just a coach, which Archer has appreciated.  

“He has taught me to work hard at whatever I do in life and it should ultimately glorify God,” Archer said. “This year, he has specifically taught me to not get too high on success because in life you never arrive. You’re always learning and striving for better.”

This team continues striving for better, as the men’s basketball program under Holmquist has never won an NAIA championship. Holmquist and Archer still have another full year with each other, a rarity because the Player of the Year is usually given to a senior. With this fact in mind, the Eagles have a lot to look forward to in the future.

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