Candidates anticipate voting results

Snow Jackson and Vera Ambrose express ways to improve SGA efficiency and connection with the student body.


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Jocelyn Meza, Writer

The Student Government Association and Student Missionary Union elections debate signaled the end of campaigning and start of an online or in-person voting period which began on Feb. 16 at 12:01 a.m. and ends on Feb. 18 at 10 p.m. Full platforms can be found on the voting page of the SGA website.

“Empowering You”

Jessica Snow, junior business major and vice president of administrative services of SGA and Samuel Jackson, junior business major and vice president of marketing and communications of SGA, focused their platform on students’ voices in governmental matters to better connect with administration about students’ needs. Snow is running for president and Jackson for vice president of SGA to further its inherent direction.

“Once we made the switch to SGA it really refocused as to what we do and focused it on student government activity, of course, instead of the events,” Jackson said.

Snow and Jackson intend to ensure their recollection of student voices by reciprocating what they hear initially from students if they are elected.

“I don’t think we really communicate that well to students so we want get their trust and show them they can have confidence [and] be able to trust us with their voice,” Snow said.

“Valuing Our Past, Visualizing Our Future”

Carissa Vera, junior business major, and Gregory Ambrose, Hope senator and sophomore English major, centered their campaign on keeping a record of students’ voices to improve administrative communication.

Vera is running for president and Ambrose for vice president. They expressed students’ necessity of student government awareness to increase participation.

“We’re not trying to wait until we’re elected to start the work that needs to be done. Whether or not we are elected we need students to know how student government works,” Ambrose said.  

“Involve, Empower, Fulfill”

Liam Timoti, junior communication studies major, is running unopposed for president of SMU. His peers encouraged him to run.

“[People] thought that I had the right passions for the fulfillment of the great commision as well as the passions to do the actual duties of president,” Timoti said.

One of his objectives involves creating more insight about SMU.

“I want people to just realize they have wonderful opportunities to serve missionally,” Timoti said.

Presidential Debate

Less than 20 people attended the debate on Feb. 16 at the Pavilion, which disappointed some students.

“It was a sad turn out. I wish students were more involved,” said Lucas Webster, junior political science major.

Webster said he supports Snow Jackson since they have more experience and innovative plans.

“Vera and Ambrose are trying to implement things that already exist. They want to do new newsletters which we already get tons of,” Webster said. “Experience-wise Sam and Jess really have an advantage.”

Weighing Platforms

Other students are weighing both teams’ platforms to make a voting decision.

“The main idea of the Snow Jackson was the online forum and if that doesn’t work out, then there’s not really a lot more to the platform. For Vera and Ambrose, if their history thing doesn’t work out then they don’t have a lot left in theirs either,” said Rebecca Olguin, junior psychology major.

As for Timoti running for SMU president, Olguin thinks Timoti sounds enthusiastic but hopes he enhances the quality of his platform as a possible incoming leader.

“He sounds so passionate about what he wants to do. I kind of wanted to learn more about how to share Christ with people [in a conversation],” Olguin said.

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