Executive board proposes spring budget

Senate will vote on a $77,051 budget for the spring semester.


Melissa Hedrick, Writer

The majority of this senate meeting consisted of discussion about the proposed spring budget.

Max Soh, diversity liaison, gave a short update about different diversity initiatives, especially the 20th annual SCORR conference and diversity summit next semester. He asked senators to consider what the Student Government Associate could do to partner with or participate in these events.


Graham Gantzer, vice president of finance, technology and HR, proposed $77,051 for the spring semester budget. This total amount is based on the accumulated student fee of 4,050 students.

A total of $12,107 was proposed for general expenses, which include the staff retreat, copier, SUB improvements and office expenses.

The payroll category totaled $54,629 to cover the expense of all SGA employees.

Marketing and Communications has a proposed budget of $3,090 for posting supplies, branding and staff apparel.

A total of $5,425 was allotted for the discretionary funds of the president, senior vice president, VP of finance, technology and HR and each senator.

The last item for the proposed budget was $1,800 for plant assets to allow for the purchase of one new computer.


Senior vice president, Drew Mattock’s proposal for Constitutional Amendment D from the last senate meeting was passed in a unanimous vote of 14-0.

North Hope senator Lisa Holm’s proposal for $327.13 for a petting zoo before finals passed in full in a vote of 13-0-1.

Senior business administration major Alicia Hoverson and junior Amelia Dagen’s proposal for the 2016 Woven Conference was passed in the full amount of $4,639.35 in a vote of 12-2-0.

Junior music major, Justin Sinclair’s proposal for $8,000 for a four-part concert series under the bell tower was passed in the partial amount of $6,000 in a vote of 12-2-0.

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