The Eddy continues to impress

Second installment of the semester featured student Chris Rasmussen, Connor Youngblood and Carlitta Durand.


Marika Adamopoulos

Anna Warner/THE CHIMES

Brooks Ginnan, Writer

A small, yet dedicated, audience filled the Fireplace Pavilion on a chilly night for the second Eddy of the semester.


The night started out with a performance from current Biola student Chris Rasmussen. Backed by only a bassist who switched over to the drums as well, Rasmussen’s set was short, sweet and effective. The intimate, soft-spoken vocals and mix of heavily reverberated and distorted guitar visibly held the crowd, all the way up to an entrancing rendition of Bon Iver’s “Heavenly Father.”

Although the idea of having a student open has the potential to lower standards regarding quality, Rasmussen was far from this misconception. In fact, his set was a perfect starting point for what was to come.


Conner Youngblood followed not long after and put on an incredibly personable set. In fact, that is the beauty of events such as The Eddy — the artists have the room and comfort to connect with the audience in ways a formal venue may not allow.

After starting with an acoustic piece, Youngblood opted for an electric guitar, matched with looped drums and a crooning falsetto. This formula worked to great effect, forming a captivating atmosphere that encouraged dancing as much as introspection.


The night drew to a close when singer-songwriter Carlitta Durand, all the way from North Carolina, took the stage. It was her birthday, and a radiant smile covered her face as she played a grooving set of R&B tracks, backed by a full band.

Her stage presence felt the most engaging of the three and, utilizing the intimacy of the stage, she was able to dance and move along with a roaring audience.

The cheers and applause far outnumbered that which was evident in number, proclaiming yet another successful run of The Eddy. Attendance is not always everything, and for those who showed this time around, it is evident there will be many more to come.

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