Students request funds

Biola students propose for Woven Conference, concerts and petting zoo.


Melissa Hedrick, Writer

The meeting began as Drew Mattocks, senior vice president, said Austi Bankston has resigned from her position as East Block Senator. Applications are available for students who live in the east block and are interested in participating in student government. The rest of the meeting consisted of proposals and voting.


Senior business administration majors Alicia Hoverson and junior Amelia Dagen proposed $4,614.35 for the 2016 Woven Conference. The conference aims to encourage women in their faith and position in the working world. It will be open for current students of all majors at no cost and for alumni at a fee of approximately $20 per person. The conference is currently planned for March 2016.

Mattocks proposed for Constitutional Amendment D, an edited version of Constitutional Amendment C, presented in last week’s meeting. This amendment would add Article IX Section II.6.i and II.6.ii to the SGA constitution so it would state senators can only abstain from voting for constitutional amendments due to absence from a senate meeting, and the abstention of senators not present would not discredit the unanimity of the vote. Senators will have the opportunity to request the vote be tabled until a later meeting if they have any concerns about the proposal.

Justin Sinclair, junior music major, proposed $8,000 for a four-part concert series under the bell tower. The money would go toward paying Biola students to compose original songs, and produce videos of these concerts. All students are invited to attend these events. Sinclair expressed his vision for the videos to gain popularity in promoting Biola as well as raise funds for future videos.

Lisa Holm, North Hope senator, proposed $327.13 for a petting zoo before finals. It will occur on Wed., Dec. 9, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Sycamore lawn. The event is partially funded by the library and will feature 20 animals such as sheep, bunnies and ducks among many other animals.

Voting for these proposals will take place on Thursday, Dec. 3.


Zane Henderson’s proposal for a donation to Giving Tuesday was passed in the full amount of $1,500 in a vote of 12-0-2.

Evangelical and Mormon Interaction submitted a proposal for funds to help cover unexpected fees for a mission’s trip to Utah, which was denied by the senior vice president. The senate discussed whether they would hear the proposal but denied it in a vote of 11-3.

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