Women’s basketball outshines the Golden Eagles

After two victorious games over La Sierra, the Eagles are now 3-1.

Keaton Moore, Writer

With a pair of games against La Sierra University, the Eagles won both matches and improved their overall record to 3-1. They now have a three-game winning streak and have not lost since their season opener against Bethesda College on Oct. 28.


“The season just started but our team has been working really hard together since school started so we were really excited about playing games,” said Aubree Mittel, senior guard. “We've already learned a lot just from a few games and are excited to keep playing.”

The Eagles topped La Sierra in their first game on Nov. 8. Biola’s defense only allowed La Sierra to score three points in the first quarter, which helped lead the team to a 81-43 victory. Sophomore guard Demoria White and Mittel contributed a combined 38 points, White with 21 and Mittel with 17.

“Everyone was working together really well and hitting our shots and we started the game up 19 points to zero so it was a really fun game from the start,” Mittel said.


They followed up their first match against La Sierra with another victory on Nov. 10 in Riverside. Unlike their past games, the Eagles’ offence started off slow, scoring only eight points in the first quarter. However, by halftime the Eagles had built a 27-14 lead over La Sierra. After scoring 39 more points, the Eagles beat La Sierra 66-36.

In their first four games of the season, the Eagles have made a majority of their points in the second half. Out of the total points, 78 of them were made in the first half. The other 131 points are evenly spread between the two quarters with 61 in the third and 70 in the fourth.

Out of the 209 team points, guards White, Mittel and sophomore Danielle Kennedy combined have made over half of the Eagles’ points so far in the season. White leads the team for total points with 62. Kennedy has contributed 40 points and Mittel follows close behind her with 38.


The Eagles know the start of the season will set a tone for the rest of the year. With their first game ending in a loss it did not start out the way the team had hoped. However, they have used their loss to learn and have not lost a game since.

“No one wants to start off losing so I'm glad we have a few wins under our belt,” Mittel said. “But at the same time losses help show us where we're at as a team and how much we need to improve before GSAC starts.”

With their Golden State Athletic Conference match-ups starting in December, the Eagles plan to push through with hopes of winning their conference and moving onto the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes tournament.

The Eagles come home to take the court against Pomona-Pitzer College on Nov. 11 at 5:30 p.m.

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