Students connect with Corey

Attendees converse with President Barry Corey and senate considers seven student proposals.


Melissa Hedrick, Writer

The “DBC Talks” senate meeting began with a brief introduction of President Barry Corey and senators sharing information about their President’s Administrative Council partnerships.

Corey, senators and students present talked of ways students could learn administrative decisions, topics Biola has addressed and ways Corey’s time as a student body president in college shaped him. Many agreed the inclusion of diverse perspectives on campus and discussions of gender and sexuality are beneficial to the community. Corey expressed people should understand biblical truths about different topics, but lead with grace in interactions with others.

Afterward, Derek Gutierrez, assistant director of Student Programing and Activities, gave senators information about the upcoming educational programing week called “Gender, Faith & Culture” consisting of four chapels and one panel discussion.

At the end of the meeting, Student Government Association president Taylor Stribbling shared information about a farmer’s market program available in February 2016. Students will sign up for items they want and pay in advance, picking items up weekly by Flour Fountain.


The first proposal was made by Seth Heinz, junior history major, and Noah Kruse, sophomore business major, in the amount of $850 for the Biola Beach Bums club. This one-time charge would cover insurance fees required by risk management. They plan for weekly surfing excursions open to 35 students, a limit placed due to the insurance, and a monthly bonfire on the beach.

Senior communications majors Camryn Powell, Catherine Dinius, Emily Escalante, Jocelyn Chen and Mariah Medina proposed $825 for Sexual Awareness Week. The Hunting Ground, an indie film exploring sexual assaults on college campuses, will be screened and pizza provided for participants. A panel of speakers will speak after the event to share stories and help students process the video. The event is planned for Nov. 18 in Andrew’s Banquet Room with dinner at 5:30 p.m. and the movie at 6 p.m.

Cary Santana, junior music performance major and Hart Hall resident assistant, proposed $1,245 for Hart Loves Week on Nov. 16-20. While dorm specific events will be funded by Resident Life, proposed funding will provide materials for photo buttons, s’mores, a talent show and a Hart Loves Biola outreach with cotton candy and a photo booth.

Tyler Hormel, senior business administration major, made two proposals. The first was $600 for four trivia nights for students, led by SoCal Trivia, an organization that compiles trivia questions and leads trivia night events. These events will be in Eagle’s Nest on Nov. 11, Nov. 18, Dec. 2 and Dec. 9 from 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. and will be open to any interested students. Bon Appetit has agreed to provide $75 worth of gift cards each week to give to the top three teams with JJ Carroll, Biola alumnus, as the trivia jockey for the events.

Hormel’s second proposal was $4,000 for 800 tickets for the men and women’s GSAC soccer tournaments hosted on campus. Tickets would be for the first 200 students attending any semifinal or championship games athletic teams participate in.

Jackson Theune, senior biblical and theological studies major, and Thomas Castro, sophomore political science major, proposed $5,495 for Deck the Haven. Proposed funds would go toward decorating and designing the rooms on the Haven floor of Hart Hall.

Drew Mattocks, senior vice president, made two proposals for additions to the SGA constitution for Article IV, Section IV.2.viii and Section IV.2.ix. Both options say if the senior vice president denies a student proposal, he or she must send the denied initiative to the senators within 24 hours with a substantial reason as to why it was denied. From there, senators can vote to override the senior vice president’s denial and ensure that the initiative is presented before the senate for voting. The first proposal states the senate would hear the initiative the next week, discuss the initiative with their constituencies and hold a vote the following week. The second proposal says the senate would hear the initiative the next week and vote that same day. Only one of these proposals can be approved because they are two alternatives for the new sections.

Matthew Porter, senior accounting major, and Joey Tereba, undeclared junior, proposed $244.50 for Rich Kids Comedy Community Day. This event is an improv workshop on Nov. 13 and the proposed money would go toward reserving Mayers Auditorium, water, snacks, four prize shirts and advertising posters.

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