Universal Internet will aid evangelism

Global Internet access would expose more people to the Gospel.


Illustration by Trevor Lunde/THE CHIMES

Lisa Quintana, Writer

Politicians, charitable organizations, major business leaders like Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, are just some of the major players behind the goal of providing universal Internet access to everyone by 2020, according to Rt.com.


The United Nations recently met to approve a set of “global goals” aimed at solving some of the earth’s problems like ensuring human rights, creating sustainability with resources and delivering Internet access for every person. Leaders of 193 nations claim internet access is something that will educate all people and foster dignity. Many leaders have already signed the “Connectivity Declaration,” which sees universal Internet access as key for achieving these global goals.

Some might fear this goal, seeing it as another attempt of government trying to spy on people; others might see it as a ploy to sell more things to a whole market of people who have not been reached. Yet, do these advertisers honestly expect to make much money off this portion of the earth’s poorest?


Varying ideas proliferate today’s web. If this goal is achieved, people who have not been able to access the Internet would be able to see firsthand how other people live globally, how women are treated in different cultures and how the other half lives. This could be a good thing in liberating the oppressed, but a bad thing if it feeds consumerism, buying and purchasing things they cannot afford or do not need. They would also have access to the seedier side of humanity, but there is light out there too — the gospel could be more readily accessed to those who have never heard it.

The global goals have been set. Universal Internet access will most likely come to fruition and it is probable it will happen in less than five years to meet the goal of Internet access for all by the year 2020. So as Christians, do we run and hide, sticking our heads in the sand, crying out “the end times are here!” or do we recognize this change is bound to come? As Christians, we must be a part of molding this universal Internet, giving a voice to our worldview and shaping its outcome.


In the past when sweeping change has come, the Church sometimes acted out of fear of the new, choosing not to be involved. Then the changes happen, led by other worldviews, and the voice of the Christian is left out — can we say “Hollywood” anyone?

One of the most repeated statements in the Bible is “fear not!” The first chapter of Deuteronomy alone states it three times. It is not just an encouragement not to fear, but a commandment. Jesus told us to go out and make disciples — go out, into the world, among those unreached. Universal Internet access to the entire global population will make that possible on a scale never before imagined in the history of mankind. Fear not, and be a voice for the Lord in this inevitable global change.

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