Happy horror in “Corpse Bride”

An alternative Netflix find for those staying in on Halloween night.


Hayley Langdon, Writer

Halloween nights in are not as bad as they seem. Some years, Alphas Candyland or costume parties just do not cut it, and a good Halloween movie is all you need to really celebrate. For those who would like to be able to sleep at night, skip over the Netflix suggestions of “Rosemary’s Baby” or “Oculus” and go straight for a movie that will still deliver the Halloween vibe — Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride.”

Not lacking in horror by any means, “Corpse Bride” is a claymation film perfect for fans of Burton’s “A Nightmare Before Christmas.”

The Set Up

Victor, voiced by Johnny Depp is betrothed to Victoria, voiced by Emily Watson, but cannot seem to master his vows and as a result, is mocked by the priest and his future in-laws. Like any logical person would respond to such humiliation, Victor flees and heads to the woods to sort through his feelings.

While rehearsing his vows, Victor places the wedding band on an unassuming branch, but quickly realizes it is actually the arm and hand of a corpse. Coming forth from the ground is a beautiful bride — if you can get passed the whole “not alive” thing. Emily, voiced by Helena Bonham Carter says “I do” to Victor’s vows and the two are married. Clearly, this poses an issue for the betrothed Victor and the insanity of the situation plays out for the remainder of the movie.

Plus, honestly, being married to a corpse while engaged to another person, that is most definitely alive, sounds horrifying.

Eerily Whimsical

Tim Burton invites audiences into his eerily whimsical mind by providing a stark contrast. The dreary-colored Victorian era sets up the juxtaposition with the obscenely bright underworld where Victor is taken after his surprise wedding. While a love triangle develops between Victor and his undead bride and his original intended, the threat of the bad guy looms over the predicament. But of course, all the mayhem ensues with great puns and humor along the way, making it a happy alternative for Halloween Horror Flicks.

Autumn-Inducing Vibes

Despite the quirky storyline and the elephant in the room of a plot twist, “Corpse Bride” is a movie for anyone wanting a good autumn-inducing vibe for their Halloween night in.

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