Fundraising event revealed to senate

Members of Biola’s marketing and advancement departments share details regarding an event for The Campaign for Biola University.


Melissa Hedrick, Writer

The Student Government Association senate meeting began with the executive board update.

So far, the senate has passed $17,497 and $94,465.95 is left in contingency.


Next, Chris Johnson, campaign marketing manager, and Cambria Aviles, advancement communications coordinator, came to the senate meeting to discuss an event on Dec. 1 called Giving Tuesday that will be part of the larger The Campaign for Biola University. Advancement aims to raise $100,000 dollars in 24 hours, all of which will go to student scholarships. The amount of these scholarships has not yet been decided but will consider both the need and merit of the students applying. These scholarships will only be available for current students since academic scholarships for incoming students will be increased.

At the end of the day-long fundraiser, the advancement department plans to host an event for students on campus, but the details have not yet been decided on. Their goal is to raise $5,000 from students, $25,000 from alumni, $10,000 from staff and faculty and $10,000 from parents for a total of $50,000. A donor plans to match donations up to $50,000, but this is not yet official since the legal aspects have not been processed.

This is the first time students have been targeted in a fundraising campaign, but Johnson and Aviles said that it was important to include them since all profits of this event will go directly to students. Senate discussed whether they want to support and aid advancement in sharing with the students during rounds and in their weekly newsletters.


The senate then reviewed a survey they distributed to students asking whether students were aware of SGA, especially due to the new organization after the split of Associated Students. Overall, 140 students took the survey and 57.14 percent were freshmen and sophomores. Questions were aimed at whether students understood what their senator’s role is as a representative and feel that they are accessible.

A total of 51.43 percent of students either chose “Strongly Disagree” or “Disagree” when asked if they understand the difference between SGA and Student Programming Association. This led the senate to discuss what they could do to clarify their position to the students. The senate broke into groups to discuss the AS’s previous mission and vision statements to see what can be improved in order to better represent them as SGA.


The senate meeting on Oct. 29 will take place in the board room in Upper Metzger because the senate will meet with President Barry Corey. Students are invited to join for a question and answer with Corey from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. It is recommended they wear business professional attire. Next week will also be open for student proposals.

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