Punk ‘n’ pie performs in the park

Main changes to the show include location, judges and promotional videos before each performance.


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Samantha Gassaway, Writer

The Student Programming and Activities counsel has made some drastic changes from last year’s Punk ‘n’ Pie, including a relocation to McNally Field and alterations in the structure of the show itself.

Interestingly Familiar

A total of 32 acts stood against the judges of the SPA, displaying their talents and hoping to be one of the 10 selected acts in this year’s display of Biola talent. There will also be three faculty judges, currently undisclosed, narrowing the crowd’s selection of the prize-winners from 10 to five. Last year’s audition ratio was 31 hopefuls with 12 performers. Since there are less acts performing this year, the show is also anticipated to run 30 minutes shorter than last year, which was two and a half hours long.

Shaylynn Knuppe, senior psychology major and SPA special events coordinator, had a large role in planning the event last year and this year. Knuppe said the process was interestingly familiar, but yielded new challenges with location conflicts.

“Instead of holding the event inside of the gym, we’re holding it on the South Field, or as many people know it, McNally,” Knuppe said. “[The SPA was] like, ‘how can we make this fun?’ So we’re holding it outside on McNally Lawn and we’re calling it Punk ‘n’ Pie in the Park.”

Bring Your Own Blankets

Knuppe also stressed that concert-goers will have to bring their own blankets, chairs and other concert necessities. Event Services will not be setting up any seating arrangements aside from designated handicapped areas.

Overflow from the event last year was a large disappointment to many students and families wanting to enter and see the show, as they had to stand outside and watch from large TV screens attached to the gym. With a new location and a new look, Punk ‘n’ Pie planners hope to avoid this disappointment.

“Another plus of [the location change] is no waiting in lines, we don’t have a limited capacity like we do in the gym. So literally anyone who wants to see it can show up whenever. The only thing is you do want to reserve your space sometime beforehand,” Knuppe said.

Promotional Videos

Since the acts will be rehearsing the day before, Knuppe encouraged students to bring chairs and blankets to reserve a space for the show anytime the day of October 23rd. However, students are encouraged to stay with their belongings and not abandon them throughout the day. Other changes to this year’s show include promotional videos prior to every act, introducing the performer and helping the audience get to know the person behind the talent.

“We want people to know there’s a person, there’s a story behind [every act]… Just a little 30-45 second clip about that person,” Knuppe said. “Then people are emotionally connected before they even see the talent.”

Junior sociology major Lauren Kim performed in Punk ‘n’ Pie last year in Biola’s dance ministry organization V3. Kim mentions past performers and students alike may want the tradition of the talent show to remain in the gym, but nevertheless will be excited for the change.

“I think there will be some problems, some people might be like ‘Oh, we want the gym!’ but I think that park-concert feel will actually be pretty cool. I see a lot of people outside anyway during Punk ‘n’ Pie and they’re watching from the TV,” Kim said. “I think a lot of people will show up for that!”

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