Event proposals pass

Senators pass three proposals and gain more information about the Enterprise CarShare program and changes in enrollment.


Melissa Hedrick, Writer

Student Government Association president Taylor Stribbling began the meeting with a debrief of the National Student Government Conference the executive board attended on Oct. 1 through Oct. 4. Each member of the executive board discussed their takeaways and focused on working with administration to aid students. These ideas included creating scholarships for students to use on books, and encouraging students to run for senate. Vice president Drew Mattocks explained that many other schools use the Robert’s Rules of Order, which can be used to structure senate meetings and may be helpful for SGA.

Derek Gutierrez, assistant director of Student Programming and Activities, presented the possibility that a club may propose for additional money from SGA. It would be an $875 one time fee for the Biola Beach Bums surf club that Biola’s risk management department requires to have insurance. It is only a provisional club since it is being established this semester and they only received $100 from the club funding budget. Without this fee, the club would not be an official club and move out of the provisional phase, which would allow them to use money from the club funding budget.

This was not a proposal, but was discussed by the senate since this year’s SGA can choose whether or not they will help fund a club apart for the club funding budget. The senators decided to hear the proposal and consider club proposals on a case by case basis.

Afterward, Gisselle Trochez, junior marketing major and intern with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, came to speak on the Enterprise CarShare program available to students who are at least 18 years old. This semester it is $1 to sign up for the program online and $5 per hour as a promotion put on by Nissan, whose cars are being utilized. Next semester it will cost $30 to sign up and $8 per hour.

André Stephens, director of undergraduate admissions, gave a presentation about the decrease in enrollment in the 2015-2016 school year. Biola admissions will be increasing academic scholarships for incoming students to help increase and maintain enrollment. The senate discussed that they could aid admissions by connecting with prospective students at the Biola visitations days, as well as the possibility of making phone calls and writing notes.

Matthew Hooper, associate dean of students, passed out a questionnaire to senators that asked about the diverse perspectives they encounter at Biola University.

The senators shared about their President’s Administrative Council partnerships and directed questions students have asked to the appropriate senator for them to be answered by PAC.

Max Soh, diversity liaison, gave an update on the diversity programs and clubs on Biola’s campus, and what is being done to intentionally promote diversity in the core curriculum as well.

There will not be a senate meeting on Oct. 15 due to Torrey Memorial Bible Conference.


Hannah Ketenjian’s proposal of $1,450 for Alpha’s Candyland from last week passed in a vote of 14-0-1.

Adam Washington’s proposal of $500 to provide tickets and transportation for 35 students to the Cross Country GSAC Championship passed in a vote of 13-1-1.

Rachel Coen’s proposal of $880 for a cultural immersion dinner and movie event passed in a vote of 8-5-2.

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