LANY stole the show at the year’s first Eddy

EVVY had the crowd moving but LANY had them chanting for an encore.


Anna Warner/THE CHIMES

Hayley Langdon, Writer

At the Eddy last night EVVY and LANY kicked off Biola’s outdoor concert tradition with crowd-pleasing performances. While EVVY’s performance had high energy and was definitely entertaining, there is no doubt LANY was the favorite of the night.


With a sound reminiscent of Jess Glynne and Charli XCX, EVVY brought dancey synth music to her performance. Along with her catchy sound, EVVY joined her band by playing a drum in order to enhance songs such as “Haze” that elicited dancing from the crowd.

Although her music is upbeat and often carefree sounding, her new single “Tidal Wave” focuses on the more difficult experiences in life, particularly in relationships. Her music as a whole reflects the life she has led so far.

“It does pertain a lot to things from everyday life, but a lot of it had to do with love and loss and just being vulnerable” EVVY said.


LANY, on the other hand, still deals with the happenings of life in their music, but does so in the likes of the British band, The 1975. Also, with the popular synth sound of a lot of today’s artists, LANY’s music sounds like something right out a teen 1980s film.

Starting their set off with “Bad, Bad, Bad,” LANY instantly got the crowd moving again after the break between the two performers. New to the music scene, the group had a few hundred fans in attendance at the Eddy and no doubt left with a handful of new admirers after they performed.


Ultimately, LANY stole the show, not because frontman Paul Klein briefly took his shirt off but because the three-man group is pure talent, and anyone who saw them last night can attest to that — just listen to their hit “ILYSB.” LANY is not only great music to listen to for a night drive through Los Angeles, they are artists who know how to execute a great live performance.


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