LACMA fosters creative thought

We look locally for our first focus on fine art.

Hayley Langdon, Writer

In the spring our section introduced literature to our repertoire and expanded what we believe to be art and entertainment. We again broaden our corner of the Chimes by taking a look at the arts in our area beginning with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Time to Explore

Being a southern California native I do that weird thing where I live next to amazing landmarks and sightseeing opportunities my whole life, yet never go visit them. I simply write them off and tell myself that someday I will see the Hollywood sign, Rodeo Drive and LACMA, among others locations. It was not until a friend from out of state reminded me how great it is to live in an area that reflects such great cultural diversity that I finally decided it was time to explore Los Angeles.

Last weekend I spent the day in LA, ending my trip with LACMA. As someone whose knowledge of art does not exceed a Renaissance appreciation class, I worried I would not be able to appreciate the art to its full extent. Fear not however, LACMA is for all levels of art lovers.

Art from Around the World

LACMA is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary by displaying art from around the world and reflecting the region it came from. Right now, you can find a piece focusing on the people in our history who have changed our nation, as well as one on German art that circulated as propaganda during their civil war. In October, LACMA will introduce many new exhibits, one of which is the Rain Room, where attendees can actually control the rain that falls perpetually from the ceiling by simply standing under it.

When I went I spent time in the Resnick Pavilion, which showcases special exhibitions such as the fiftieth anniversary celebration and the Art of the Americas Building containing art from Latin and North America alike. While I enjoyed some pieces in the Resnick Pavilion, I absolutely loved the artwork in the Art of the Americas Building. One piece in particular completely captivated me with its three dimensional features and rugged paint strokes, leaving me sitting before it for 10 minutes in complete awe.

Los Angeles is rich with differing cultures, and LACMA captures their beauties in one little plot of land.

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