Men’s soccer ready for match-ups

Draw with Menlo College earns the Eagles an early second place standing in their GSAC.


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Senior John Hanscom moves past his Whittier College opponent to kick the ball to forward his team closer to victory. | Matthew Maitz/THE CHIMES

Keaton Moore, Writer

At this point for men’s soccer, their season is over halfway done. Their most recent game against the Menlo College Oaks was the first of 10 interdivisional Golden State Athletic Conference games the Eagles will play to wrap up the season. Biola’s GSAC league consists of Arizona Christian University, Menlo College, Vanguard University, The Master’s College, San Diego Christian, Westmont College, William Jessup University and Hope International University. In the next 10 games, Biola will square off against all of these teams in order to rise in their division standings.


Their first interdivisional game ended in a tie against Menlo College. The Eagles’ defense, led by senior goalkeeper J.T. Addington, succeeded in keeping the Oaks from scoring through 110 minutes of game time. However, the Oaks flashed their own impressive defensive talent and both teams left the field with the score 0-0.

They once again found themselves tied with Menlo College for second place in their division, trailing behind Arizona Christian College.

“As we have learned from our previous losses this season, it would be a mistake to overlook any game because each match is a game that can take us to, or prevent us from our goals this season,” J.T. Addington said regarding the team’s upcoming games.


Over the last five years during their interdivisional GSAC matches the Eagles have earned an overall 27-19-3 record. Their best GSAC record during those five years was in 2013 when the Eagles went 7-3 and ended up in second place.

At this time in the season the Eagles have the chance to look back and see the potential they have to do well in the remaining games of the season. Junior forward Leonardo Contreras leads his teammates in points earned and goals scored. Contreras currently holds 10 points from his four goals and two assists. Furthermore, in their GSAC division, Contreras tied for sixth in points and fifth for goals.


Senior midfielder Joey O’Keefe has also done phenomenal this season and is practically equal to Contreras in stats. At this point in the season O’Keefe has nine points, four goals and one assist. This puts him second for overall points on the Eagles and tied for first in goals.

Junior forward Devin Leon aided the Eagles’ offense through assists. Through the first half of the season Leon has had two goals and three assists, the highest on the team. In their GSAC division, Leon finds himself tied with a number of other players for third place in overall assists so far this season.

In front of the goal, Addington has made 16 saves over the seven games he has played. This puts him at third for overall saves in the team’s GSAC division. Out of his seven games, Addington has earned two shutouts, placing him second for shutouts in the Eagles’ division.

As the season goes on the team has formed a very tight bond with one another.

“Yeah, the bond on the team every year is unlike any other I have experienced,” Addington said. “This comes into play on the field because the brotherhood that we have expressed through how hard we are willing to work for each other and we know that relationship and how we fight for each other on the field brings glory to God.”

The Eagles continue with their GSAC match-ups and prepare to face off against San Diego Christian College in El Cajon, California on Sept. 26 at 4:30 p.m.


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