Leak disrupts classes

A crack in the roof of Myers Hall leads to water soaking ceiling tiles and carpet.


Melissa Hedrick/THE CHIMES

Melissa Hedrick, Writer

Myers Hall room 108 had water leak through a crack in the roof during the rain that occurred on Tuesday, Sept. 15. Classes taking place in this room were relocated for a week, but will return on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

While the roofs are inspected annually, a blister in the coated roof of Myers cracked, allowing water to enter the room in a constant drip. A total of 30, 2×2 ceiling tiles had to be replaced and water, covering a fourth of the room’s carpet, was extracted. However, the carpet did not have any permanent damage.

“If it’s clean water and we catch it quickly it can get it picked up and dried out we don’t typically replace carpet,” said Brian Phillips, director of facilities management. “It’s only when water has sat on carpet for a longer period of time that we will generally have it replaced.”

Classes in the room were relocated until the room was dried and the ceiling tiles were replaced.

“We did have to relocate the class scheduled in that room so we worked with Talbot and the Registrar making that happen and they were really helpful with that process,” Phillips said.

Myers has a foam roof system that must be recoated with an elastomeric membrane every 10 years on average. Myers is set to be completely recoated during the 2017 to 2018 school year, but the crack was repaired individually.

“It was nice to get a nice, good rain before the rainy season starts as a test because it’s been a long time without any rain and it’s kind of nice to see how the campus performs roof-wise and drainage-wise,” Phillips said.

There were one to two minor leaks in other buildings that Phillips said were barely noticeable and did not cause damage.


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