New positions accommodate transition

Athletics adds two roles to better suite upcoming NCAA Division II membership.

Jack Finck, Writer

To coordinate and better prepare for the demands of applying to Division II of the NCAA, the Biola Athletics Department added the positions of associate athletic director and assistant athletic director for compliance over the summer.

A Promotion

After four years of being the head coach of the Biola women’s basketball team, Bethany Miller was promoted to associate athletic director in June 2015. Since being hired, Miller has overseen the university’s application process into the NCAA.

This complex process entails working with four committees that have been set up throughout campus to compile the paperwork, submit the required information, create handbooks and make videos. In order to satisfy all aspects of the application process, these diverse committees include personnel from the office of the president, financial aid, student development, registrar and academic advising as well as faculty and staff members.

“It’s quite an in-depth process that’s a lot more than just paperwork,” Miller said. “But includes a lot of structural pieces to get into place for NCAA membership.”  

A New Position

Amy Jungkeit was hired in late August to the second new position, assistant athletic director of compliance. This role serves to fully understand the rules and regulations involved for the NCAA competition and application to ensure the university abides by them.

“It’s been really good,” Jungkeit said. “I’m really excited to be at Biola. The transition has been good so far, I’m meeting some great people and just the excitement of something new is keeping me motivated.”

Future Additions

Along with these positions, Biola can expect more positions added to coaching and faculty when the school gets closer to officially joining the NCAA. Despite the athletics department going through serious changes, a lot of emphasis is being placed on maintaining the character of the athletes competing as well as the high percentage of scholar athletes Biola frequently produces.

“I think a lot of goals as an athletics department really do stay the same,” Miller said. “We want to train young student athletes to be competitive in their sports, to grow in their character and really see the field and the court as the training ground for life. And learning hard work and how to battle through and how to love their teammates and really serve others. So I think all of those ideals and goals will stay the same.”

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