Campus LAX record drops, but team growing in character

LAX team has had a lackluster season, but interest in the team has grown as of recently and players are impressed by the spiritual community it creates.



Junior Eric Gamelson sprints past a Central Washington defender with the ball during their game last season. | Katie Evensen/THE CHIMES [file photo]

Linus Landucci, Writer

The men’s lacrosse team’s season is coming to a close with two games remaining on the schedule. The team’s 21-6 loss to Cal State Fullerton earlier in April set their record at a disheartening 3-8. As the season has gone poorly, the opportunity to work off of last season’s 10-5 record and playoff run has vanished. However disappointing this season has been, it has not been because of a shadow cast by last season’s successes. This team has been focused on this season and all that it has brought, and most importantly on serving God through their character during play.

As discouraging as their record has been, the players have positive outlooks on the team’s future throughout the season. Although each member seemed slightly disheartened by their lackluster start, they seemed confident in their team’s ability to thrive in these last few weeks of competition.

Looking back at this season, sophomore team captain Harrison Pierce explained that the team has attracted more attention now than in recent years largely due to last year’s playoff berth. As one of the team’s returners this season, Pierce revealed “Lacrosse has peaked a bigger interest because awareness [of Biola’s team] has risen.”

Freshman goalie Jacob Keeth is confident the team has kept their focus on the present throughout the season. He shared that having returners on the team is not detrimental to this season’s goals, but beneficial. One of those benefits is the returners having the inside edge on player matchups so they can be better prepared for teams they have played in the past.

“For the most part, we’ve been focusing on this season, not really reflecting on the past,” freshman defender Trent Martin said.

When it comes to the spiritual dynamics and customs of the team, all of the athletes agreed the consistency in community is what keeps the team going.

“This is the healthiest team dynamic I’ve ever seen or been a part of,” said Keeth “My senior [year of high school] I quit the team halfway through the year, it was such a caustic environment.”

Biola’s LAX team has been a breath of fresh air.

“All the guys are operating from the same base, that Jesus comes first and lacrosse comes afterwards…they’re trying their best, that’s something that’s impressive,” Keeth said.

Keeth stressed how the intentionality of the team in pursuing Christ through Bible studies before practice and personal accountability among teammates makes playing for the team worth it. One specific custom the team practices makes them stand out. After each game, they invite the members of the opposing team, whether they are Christian or not, to pray with them and thank God for the ability to play. Every player takes a knee and prays together. The gospel is shared as Biola recognizes Jesus’ work through their words. This example of evangelism spreading into something as normal as sports seems close to the heart of Biola’s ultimate mission — to impact the world through common interests.


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