Senator position reallocated

Commuter senators downsize to allow one more senate position to be allocated to the Block.

Grant Walter/THE CHIMES


Grant Walter/THE CHIMES

Dayna Drum, Writer

The Associated Students senate voted to reallocate one of the commuter senator positions to add an additional block senator.

Beginning next year when AS transitions into the Student Government Association, there will be two block senators instead of the current one. The change was initiated by conversations between AS and Residence Life about building a stronger relationship between residents and their senators, said Laura Igram-Edwards, AS advisor.

With only one senator acting as a liaison to all of the block apartments, it has proven difficult logistically.

“We’re in a stage where we can build that better relationship with Residence Life … and we thought if we give the block senator a partner, someone that lives in a different building or a different apartment complex than them, then they can work together to reach out to three, [resident coordinator] instead of six,” Igram-Edwards said.

The duties of the commuter senators will remain the same, however, two individuals will do the job rather than the current three people. Igram-Edwards does not foresee any issues with downsizing the commuter senator positions, considering that Collegium membership is only around 150.  

“There’s always going to be a problem of how do we reach out to commuters in general, but we don’t feel like, logistically, removing one of the commuter senators is going to create a problem to where people can’t reach out to one of the two remaining senators,” Igram-Edwards said.

This adjustment considered a trial run, AS administration said they are open to adjusting it if it does not work out.

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