Senators fund petting zoo event

Following discussion with library staff, senators pass proposal in anticipation for midterms.

Grant Walter/THE CHIMES


Grant Walter/THE CHIMES

Grace Gibney, Writer

This week’s Associated Students meeting began with Camryn Hudson, vice president of events and programming, asking for feedback from senators regarding last week’s The Eddy and Catch Me If You Can. Sophomore nursing major Madeline Pefferle was declared the winner.

Applications for staff positions in Student Planning and Activities are due Thursday, March 5, by midnight.

AS President Tyler Hormel’s Steakout event takes place this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the baseball field.

Missions Conference takes place Wednesday through Friday of next week. There will be no senate meeting next Thursday.

Auditions for this year’s Mock Rock competition are on March 19, from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Mock Rock will take place on April 24.


Catherine Dinius, AS Clubs Coordinator, proposed $1,500 for club funding following this week’s club funding proposal night. Out of the 60 clubs on campus, 41 asked for funds. Due to a shortened budget of $21,000, compared to $25,000 for last year’s spring semester, Dinius requested additional funds for each club that asked for funding.

Shaylynn Knuppe, social events coordinator, proposed $570 to fund 19 tickets for the Newsies musical at the Pantages theatre in Hollywood on April 16. Knuppe currently has enough funding for 31 tickets. The event would have 50 available tickets for students priced at $15 each.

Knuppe also proposed $2,000 for the Spring Banquet event at Ebell of LA on April 17. The event would include dinner and swing dancing taught by a local dancing company.

South Horton senator, Samantha Miller, a sophomore public relations major, proposed $300.50 for a petting zoo on March 24 from 11:45 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. The event would take place on the lawn between the library and the health center, and would feature an alpaca, mini horse or a mini cow, sheep, a mini pig, bunnies, guinea pigs, a tortoise and a variety of ducks, chickens and geese. After last year’s success with therapy puppies, the library wanted to encourage students with a fun event while studying for midterms.

R.J. Winans, senior biblical studies and journalism major and director of 6th Street PR, proposed $1,700 for a professional networking event with the LA Kings hockey team. The event would include two sessions with vice presidents of the LA Kings, followed by an LA Kings hockey game. Winans proposed funding for 25 tickets, and the event would be open to journalism, marketing and public relations majors.


Funding for Dinius’s proposal for AS club funding was passed unanimously for the full amount of $1,500.

Funding for Knuppe’s proposal for Newsies tickets was passed 12 to three for the new amount of $1,020. Senators discussed having 65 tickets available instead of 50, with students still paying $15.

Funding for Miller’s petting zoo event was passed unanimously for the full amount of $300.50.

Funding for Winan’s professional networking event was passed for the full amount of $1,700.

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