North Hall opens for student visitors

With housing selection approaching in March, students tour North Hall rooms.


A room is set up in the new North Hall dorm for students to tour, giving viewers an idea of what the completed rooms will look like in the fall.  |  Marika Adamopoulos/THE CHIMES

Grace Gibney, Writer

The Undergraduate Housing Office is offering tours of North Hall to students beginning Feb. 20, through the 23-27, to provide students the opportunity to view the rooms prior to housing selection March 3-27.

With four stories of community-style housing, North Hall is capable of holding 320 students; this includes 132 economy double rooms for a yearly price of $4,600 and 28 large double rooms for the yearly price of $5,200. Each room has the capability of customizable heating and air conditioning settings.

The floor lobbies feature a microwave, sink, lounge area and study space on every floor. However, only the third and fourth floors include a full kitchen and a balcony for student use, with the laundry room available on the first floor. Wi-Fi access is available throughout the building.

Furthermore, there is an indoor and outdoor dining facility on the first floor that will serve coffee, breakfast and grilled foods until 1 a.m.

There will be two courtyards within the vicinity of the dorm — one between North Hall and Sigma and the other inside the dorm. North Hall is a LEED certified building, indicating that the dorm promotes energy efficiency while having a positive health impact on its residents.

The official name of North Hall has yet to be decided, said Heidi Herchelroath, manager of housing services. The name of the dorm will be decided by President Barry Corey towards the end of the spring semester.


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