From Indian Lakes rise to the occasion

The band, which played on campus five years ago, now prepares to embark on their first headlining tour.

Makailynn Clark, Writer

It is no understatement to say that Biola University is home to many trendy students. Not only are there evident fashion statements left and right, but Biola students are extremely hip on the latest music. While many phenomenal artists go unknown at the outdoor concert, The Eddy, one small indie rock band has proven Biola’s great music discovery skills.


From Indian Lakes, Yosemite-based indie rock band, played one of their first shows on Biola’s campus in 2010. Since then, From Indian Lakes now has an impressive discography of three albums. Frontman Joey Vannucchi shared that some of their major influences have been Radiohead and Copeland, yet he vocally tries to leave more of an impression than the bands they usually get compared to. With deep melodious lyrics and impressive falsetto notes, I would definitely agree that From Indian Lakes makes a lasting impression in the music industry.

The bands latest album, “Absent Sounds,” came out in October 2014. While many indie rock albums tend to sound the same, “Absent Sounds” delivers diverse music that has never been played or heard before. The unique album goes from soft guitar strums with mellow lyrics to incredibly fast drum beats and wailing lyrics. While the instruments come together nicely to make rare sounds, arguably the best aspect of “Absent Sounds” is the stunning lyrics. Unlike many songs heard on the radio today, Vanucchi’s lyrics makes listeners want to pause the song and actually think about what they heard. The key to his fascinating lyrics is that that he keeps rewriting the songs until it seems poetic enough,” Vanucchi said.


Listeners can definitely agree his lyrics create an an emotionally poetic experience. Vanucchi said that many of the songs on “Absent Sounds” were in fact inspired by death. But instead of focusing on all the negative effects of death and making one melancholic record, he attempted to have his songs focus on the positive sides of things as well.

The moody themes of “Absent Sounds” created such an overwhelming success that the band is set to embark on a US and UK tour this spring, marking the band’s first headlining tour.

“There’s a different kind of pressure with your own show rather than having a small window of time at somebody else’s show. But while there’s still some new pressure, it’s a little more exciting to have this first headlining tour. We’re trying to set up a whole vibe with a stage lighting designer to make it a real show — so hopefully it’s cool,” Vanucchi explained.

Fans expect a cool intense night full of somber and upbeat music and also get their hands on a special roast of coffee, Vanucchi said. Portola Coffee Lab roasts a coffee just for the band and they sell it on tour.

For a night full of unique music and limited edition coffee, be sure to check out From Indian Lakes’ shows near Biola on April 28 at The Troubadour and on May 1 at The Constellation Room.


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