Upset squandered in overtime

The Eagles forced the No. 8 Concordia University into overtime, but lost the game 107-93.

It is February and once again, it is a popular time to catch a cold or virus.

Jack Finck, Writer

The women’s basketball team played the No. 8 Concordia University Eagles on Feb. 17. Concordia only holds one conference loss and beat Biola 87-56 earlier this season. The Eagles brought Concordia to overtime, but lost the game 107-93.

Biola held the lead for a majority of the first half. Junior guard Annie Park scored 17 first half points, and shot three of four behind the three point arc. Concordia made a 12-5 run, capped off by a buzzer beating three to end the half up 47-46.

“I think this time we played more confidently,” said junior forward Taylor Casey. “We definitely came out more aggressive and basically we were running more personal plays for each other. We were focused on what [Concordia] player was going to do what and basically how to go against it.”

The second half followed in the same fashion as the first. Biola’s point guards, Park and freshman Demoria White, led the team, each scoring 11 points and three assists. With 39 seconds left in regulation, Park capitalized on both of her free throws to put the Eagles up 86-85. On the other end of the floor, Concordia earned a foul, but missed one free throw and the game was tied. 19 seconds and three missed layups later, the game was sent into overtime.

The Eagles fell apart in overtime.

“They went on a little run,” said Park. “And that’s when our energy just dropped. We didn’t execute offensively or defensively, we got frazzled. And that fire that we had throughout the whole game just kind of died a little bit and that’s when they were able to jump on it and take advantage of that.”

Biola was outscored 21-7 in overtime, and were out rebounded 7-1. Concordia won the game 107-93.

The Eagles now hold a season record of 15-12 and are 7-6 in conference. Their next game is against the No. 9 Vanguard University. Vanguard beat the Eagles 68-51 earlier this season.

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