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Zurich Lewis, Writer

In the course of four years, there are quite a variety of activities to get involved in — clubs, sports, department events, social mixers and of course classes. The experience of being a college student is a once in a lifetime opportunity to truly understand yourself, decide where you want to go and make friends in the process. There is more to it than just yourself — there is community and advocacy.


Here at Biola, we have Associated Students, soon to be Student Government Association. It functions as an organization representing the students’ interests from all dorms and demographics, to advocate for and provide for community at-large. At a regular meeting, they discuss how to spend the funds they receive from the student fee, something we all pay, based on different proposals they receive from members of the student body. In other words, these 15 senators, elected to represent the different dorms on campus, control how your money is spent.


Your money, because of the work of student advocates, pays for events like MockRock, Nationball, Deck the Haven, Heat of the Night, and the Eddy. Your money also pays these student advocates including the president, the senators, the event coordinators, and all the people that run the organization’s internal functions like the office assistants and marketing coordinators. Your money gives students jobs. That means they answer to you.


This group of engaged students get paid to make sure your voice is heard. They have more weight with administration than the average student, precisely because you put your trust in them to be your representatives. If you feel like textbooks cost too much, tell your senator because they can tell the administration. If you think we should have a particular artist for an Eddy, tell them because they can book one. Whatever your concerns are as a student, tell them so they can do their job.

They carry weight because you elect them. The president and the senators willingly take time out of their busy schedules to dedicate their year to making our experience at Biola the best for each student. Each and every one of them put themselves in the public eye to campaign for the job. While some elections can and often do turn into popularity contests, the fact remains that they are accountable to all the people they represent not just from their constituency dorm, but to the whole community. A Hart senator votes to fund Alpha’s Candyland, a commuter President shows up to Hope barbecue grills.


As AS transitions into Student Government Association and Student Programs and Activities, we as students ought to use this opportunity to continue making our voice heard by all on campus by going out to vote for the people we believe will best advocate for us to all levels. Vote for the team that will best listen to you and in turn talk to administration and the community for you. No matter which ticket you pick this week, I hope as a former AS senator that you, as a student, keep your leadership accountable — they speak for you. They will become the faces of Biola’s student body. Choose whether to own your legacy or vote for internal change and external growth. Vote.

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