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#StribblingMattocks is best equipped to lead Biola next year.


Taylor Stribbling and Drew Mattocks | Aaron Fooks/THE CHIMES

Joy Clarkson, Writer

“You know, I’m not sure if people know what a senator does.”

Drew told me this as he stirred a cup of Trader Joe’s chai latte mix and handed it to me.

“I want to do the best I can. I want to make this leadership role mean something. I want to hear what people need and do it.”

That small statement to me was a seed planted in a desire to lead the campus well. Nearly two years later, after many more cups of chai, I could not be more excited to support Drew and Taylor in this campaign. I am voting for Drew and Taylor for three reasons.


Firstly, I will be voting for them because of their experience. Both of these candidates have been in numerous types and positions of student leadership. Taylor was a resident advisor last year, which gives her a real sense of the pulse of campus. Being an RA, you hear what people love on campus, what they are frustrated with and what they wish would be. Drew is currently an RA and has previously served as an AS senator and ministry leader. Because of their experience, they both have a sense of the pulse of the campus — what needs to be done, changed and developed — and training in leading well.

What I have seen in both Drew and Taylor is a desire and a practice of leading through listening.


Secondly, I am voting for Taylor and Drew because of their attitude of engagement. The first time I met Drew, we were leading a group of high-schoolers in starting an on-campus Christian rally. I joined the ministry late and had never met any of the students. Drew quickly filled me in, as he knew every student’s name, personality and weekly food order at the Panera where we met.

Both Drew and Taylor are people oriented. They listen well. They ask good questions. They tell good jokes.These are essential attributes in a presidential campaign. I feel comfortable voting for them because I know they will do their best to listen and lead according to the students.


Finally, I will vote for Taylor and Drew because of the integrity I know they both have. Watching them both in their time at Biola — Taylor as a fellow RA and student and Drew as a fellow student, friend and leader — I see a deep-rooted desire to seek to act with integrity. These are people I can trust.

I believe that Taylor and Drew want to, as Drew said that night, make these presidential and vice presidential roles mean something. I truly believe they will, and that is why I am voting Stribbling/Mattocks.

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