Heritage cafe ahead of schedule

Construction on library cafe moves along with installing Biola history as decor.


Construction crew members hard at work to complete the Heritage Cafe ahead of schedule. | Molli Kaptein/THE CHIMES

Jocelyn Meza, Writer

The new dining option inside of the library, the Heritage Cafe, is ahead of schedule and will open for business beginning in April instead of after Easter break, said Brian Phillips, senior director of facilities management.

Current plans intend the Heritage Cafe to stay open according to library hours, but Bon Appetit will make adjustments based on student demands, said Gregg Geary, dean of library and media services.

Discussion over how the inside of the cafe will look remains in process since the cafe will use objects from the heritage room as decorations. The university’s communication and marketing department will be in charge of what historic pictures and artifacts will be displayed, said Geary.

“It’s a matter of capturing the input from the various user groups and customers and coming up with a design that meets the objectives for the project. The concept for the cafe is it’s a heritage cafe and really that’s what needs to be prominent,” Phillips said.

The combination of comfort and the display of heritage materials are priorities for the new dining area.

“We want [students] to be exposed to the heritage materials but also to enjoy being in the space,” Phillips said.

The patio will expand in front of the cafe for more dining space, Phillips said. There will be tables, chairs and stringed lights for people to use even during the evening hours. To provide more lounge space for the cafe, the library entrance turnstiles have been moved back. In addition, the cafe’s menu will have new items that the other dining options do not offer.


“Bon Appetit has to do training of their people, make sure they know how to run the machines and make the stuff because there are juices and new things that we haven’t done,” said Greg Balsano, vice president of university facilities.

Other than refreshments and grab-and-go foods that Bon Appetit will provide, there is a possibility that Starbucks coffee will be served.

“Starbucks has had a lot of regulations and rules. They haven’t been here before because of those and so we’re in those discussions to see if some of that stuff will change, and if they make a good offer, we’ll have Starbucks here,” Simms said.


The library is also in the process of updating its food policy. Items such as covered drinks and snacks will be allowed within certain areas of the cafe, said Geary.

“We’re trying to define what snack items will be appropriate. We are also trying to give students options. The lobby and the cafe will have outside seating, inside seating…we have our terrace out here where food is permitted. So we give people lots of options for food,” Geary said.

The cafe is being introduced to create more dining venues on campus in the attempt to take some pressure off of Common Grounds.

“I just think having this kind of service right in the busy, vibrant heart of the campus is just going to be a great addition. I’m excited to see students using this, wanting to be here and enjoying it. And I think it’s a neat idea to have a little bit of exposure to our history and heritage,” Phillips said.


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