From this side: perspectives from our staff

Working for the Chimes provides unique opportunities to engage with both Biola’s students and faculty.

Chimes Staff, Writer

Most every person who gives college advice tells students to get involved. Without even really planning on it, we did. We dug a little hole in our hearts that the Chimes newspaper and fellow staff members fill. Being able to work with this publication is a blessing. Through working for the Chimes, we have gained insight into our school that leaves us less ignorant and more mature than before we started. Taking the time to discover and learn new things about our school and our world broadens our minds. We write, edit and publish this information in hopes that you will discover this blessing too.

As photographers, we see an up close and personal view of events that take place at our school and meet unforgettable people. Our press passes allow us front row seats for events such events as Mock Rock and Missions Conference, giving us a greater appreciation for what goes into planning them. The job we have gives us the unique opportunity to cover a single event from multiple angles. We take part in the main event and also participate in the crowd or interact behind the scenes.

Shooting photos of specific people has helped us make connections with people who we would have never met otherwise. Taking an intimate portrait of a student or professor allows us to get to know a complete stranger and see a more vulnerable side of them. As photojournalists, we can tell someone's story through a photo and cause others to feel an emotion that we experience firsthand while taking a photo.

As editors, we get to bring issues to light that might not otherwise get discussed. We embark on a quest that we think we understand, and sometimes end up completely wrong. This tests our flexibility, humility and guts. It is such an honor to see this campus through the stories of its students. Being a journalist makes you fall in love with people a little more every time you talk to them.

Not only does this allow us to become more people oriented, it teaches us about managing our time and responsibilities. Beyond our studies, actually working for something that demands teamwork and deadlines prepares us for the future. Whatever careers we pursue will require the kind of life skills we gain through working for a publication. We have the opportunity to practice the abilities employers want like efficiency, multitasking, people-skills and promptness. Since many of us want a job in a similar field, this provides us with a fun and enlightening experience, giving us a taste of the future we seek.

We have been able to create heated conversation, bring unknown perspectives to the forefront of student’s awareness, and help our readers stay informed about events both on campus and in the community. We may have room for improvement, but our commitment to providing fair and informative articles about topics that matter remains the same.

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