Time “Four” confession

One Direction’s new album “Four” caters to the everyday pop fan.



Dayna Drum, Writer

I guess you can say that I have officially come out of the closet — the One Direction closet that is. Long gone are the days that I have to put Spotify on private session to shamelessly allow myself to indulge in repeating “Story of my Life” an obscene number of times. 1D’s latest album “Four,” released on Nov. 17, is enough to make any listener boldly declare a spot in boy-band fanhood.

The 16 largely unoriginal tracks are reminiscent of any of their previous three albums, yet obsession remains the only viable reaction. Upon my first listen to “Where Do Broken Hearts Go,” any cracks in my cardiac organ instantaneously mended to perfection. I am not sure when exactly I acquired the musical tastes of a 13-year-old girl, but the volume of “Stockholm Syndrome” plays far too loud in my headphones to try to figure it out.

With each new album of a young band like One Direction, I expect their sound to grow more mature as the singers themselves grow, but this does not seem the case with “Four.” With a playful and peppy sound, the lyrics remain centered around young love and generally having a good time, especially when the chorus of “Act My Age” repeatedly says that they refuse to act their age. But like I said before, you will simply turn up the music too loud to notice.



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