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CEO of Chick-Fil-A among honorees at the 6th annual Leaders of Integrity Awards Luncheon.


Current Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy gave the keynote address at the Integrity Award luncheon at the Irvine Marriott on Nov. 5. | Jenny Oetzell/THE CHIMES

Kathryn Toombs, Writer

The 6th annual Leaders for Integrity Awards Luncheon was held on Nov. 5 to celebrate leaders in business who have shown a commitment to building trust-driven relationships.

This event, founded by Russell Williams and sponsored in part by Biola, awarded three Orange County leaders and one national leader who have represented integrity in the distinct fields of business, education, technology and social concerns of American life.

The recipients of this year’s Leaders for Integrity Award included Ali Woodard, founder and CEO of Fristers, Mike Weisman, founder and CEO of The Values Institute, Martha Daniel, founder and CEO of IMRI and Dan Cathy, Chairman, President and C.E.O. of Chick-Fil-A.

Jun Young, a 1995 Biola graduate and Master of Ceremonies for the event, introduced President Barry Corey and the Biola Chorale after reaffirming that integrity still matters in the world of business.

“Biola is a very special place. I can tell you from firsthand experience that Biola is a place where young women and men are not only trained, but transformed, not only instructed, but inspired,” Young said.

Following a performance from the Biola Chorale and the King’s Men, Cathy took the stage as the keynote speaker. Cathy shared his father’s belief in “second mile service,” a mantra based on Matthew 5:41, which compels Christians to go above and beyond what they are asked in the service of others.

“The first mile is what we do from the head, the second mile is what we do from the heart … it’s about relationship,” said Cathy.

Following Cathy’s speech, each recipient was individually recognized for their accomplishments and innovations in their respective organizations and commended for their commitment to integrity and exceptional leadership.

After the ceremony, Cathy encouraged Biola students to strive to become leaders of integrity, stating that the most important decisions people make in life are the three M’s — mastery, mate and mission.

Students must choose who their master will be, knowing that their lives aren’t about them, a mate who will help them through life’s challenges and a mission that reflects God’s purpose in their lives and brings Him glory, Cathy said.

“If you make a good decision on those three, it will set the trajectory for the rest of your life,” said Cathy.

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