Heritage Cafe will provide new dining option in Library

A new cafe is set to open in the library next spring.


Drawing depicts what the new Heritage Cafe will look like from the outside of the library. | Photo courtesy of Don Sims and Greg Balsano

Luke Taylor, Writer

Drawing depicts what the new Heritage Cafe will look like from the outside of the library. | Photo courtesy of Don Sims and Greg Balsano


A new dining option is set to open next spring in the Library's Heritage Room, in an effort to meet a long-time student request for additional dining venues on campus.

The construction on this project is slated to begin in December after students have left for Christmas break, said Greg Balsano, vice president for university facilities. By the time school resumes, construction is planned to have completed noise-intensive work so as to not disturb students studying in the Library.

Talk about installing a restaurant in the Library has gone on for years, said Don Sims, senior director of auxiliary services. Initially, the vending machine area on the upper level of the Library would house a restaurant but the plans fell through.


News of the Heritage Cafe has received lots of excitement from students and faculty. This new restaurant will offer students Grab n Go foods, coffee, and freshly squeezed juices.

Not only will the Heritage Cafe provide a new dining option, but it also meets other student needs.

“I think it is a great idea because it will be so convenient to grab a drink without having to leave the library anymore,” said junior art major Noah Schrader.

The cafe presents another study location outside of the dorms, which students say is currently limited.

“It will be very helpful for students studying late at night. Having it in the same environment where everyone is mutually working hard is a great idea,” said Danielle Kennedy, freshman elementary education major.

The neighboring instructional lab will be made smaller and turned into the indoor seating area, and the turnstiles and check-in desk will be moved back to create wall side seating. The walkway to the left of the library's current main entrance will extend into a patio area in order to provide even more seating for visitors, said Balsano.

The Heritage Cafe will join the five other dining options on campus, but will have some unique features because of its location.

“This cafe is expected to have really long hours. Whenever the library is open this should be open,” said Greg Geary, dean of library and media services.

Since it will have long hours, the cafe will benefit students by creating new job opportunities on campus.

“I am excited for this new cafe because it provides extra jobs for the students on campus,” said Stephen Joffer, freshman biblical studies major.


As the new cafe comes in, the contents of the Heritage Room will not be discarded. Certain parts of the Heritage Room will stay in the cafe as decor. Other parts will move to different areas of the library, Balsano said.ih

“They wanted to incorporate a number of the aspects of the Heritage Room, displays, exhibits and informational screens, into the cafe,” Geary said about the team working on the design on the cafe.

Illustrations shows the construction plans for the new Heritage Cafe that will be located inside the library. | Photo courtesy of Don Sims and Greg Balsano


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