Put down technology, focus on reality

Madison Miller considers the effect that technology has on our lives.


| Jenny Oetzell/THE CHIMES

Madison Miller, Writer

Madison Miller considers the effect that technology has on our lives. | Jenny Oetzell/THE CHIMES


I recently did a little experiment to see how my day would go if I left my phone at home. I wanted to unplug from the constant social media and observe people and nature. As soon as I walked out the door of my apartment I felt the panic creep in. The farther I got away from my phone the worse it became. But I stayed strong and got in my car and headed to campus.

We may not notice it when we have our own phones to look at, but most people do the same thing. We walk with our heads down looking at our phone, not really paying much attention to those around us and become liable to run head first into the other person staring at their phone.

I have experienced many times  in my life where a group of people have almost run into me because they were more tuned into their social media world than in the real world.

I know I am a big offender of getting distracted by my phone and growing a little addicted to it, this very reason inspired me to do the day without my phone experiment. Sitting back and enjoying what nature and other people have to offer can be rejuvenating. Without my phone I focused more on the beauty of the day, smiled at people as they passed by — if they were not distracted by their phone — and engaged in conversation without secretly wondering when the other person will stop talking so I can check my phone.

Technology can be a powerful connective force in our society, but we need to step away from our screens sometimes and connect with others and with the outside world. Why look at pictures someone took of the ocean when we can go to the beach right now and enjoy the feeling of our toes in the sand? Why watch videos of babies biting fingers when we can find a baby to bite our own fingers? Wait, maybe not, but you get my point. We all need to have days where we put down technology and make that real connection with someone and really take in the beauty of what God has given us in the world.


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