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Transition from summer tunes to fall jams with this new playlist.,,,,

Makailynn Clark, Writer

With the end of the summer’s scorching heat wave comes the end of our summer playlist. Choosing new songs to correspond with the new season tends to be difficult. However, I found five songs that will help ease you into your new fall playlist.

The Truth — Dr. Dog

Indie rock band, Dr. Dog, mimics the soothing feeling of coffee shop music with this track. The transition from upbeat summer melodies to darker fall ballads can present a hard shift, yet Eric Slick’s laid back drum beat and Frank McElroy’s gentle guitar riffs create a tune that has listeners welcoming the fall season. Scott McMicken’s beautiful lyrics of truth and rain falling will coincide perfectly with every sip of your pumpkin spice latte.

Who Knows Who Cares — Local Natives

It is no wonder why Local Natives has risen to fame incredibly fast. The band has become renowned for their unique mix of folk and rock music. Local Natives begins this song very slowly but soon changes the attitude of the track with the addition of hectic drum beats and a stunning string piece. As you watch the leaves change colors this fall make sure to catch the changing harmonies on this unique track.

Mykonos — Fleet Foxes

Though this track comes off Fleet Foxes 2008 EP Sun Giant, the song continues to sooth listeners’ ears. Robin Pecknold and the band show off their unique sound with their impressive overlapping lyrics and harmonies. The steady beat will have you bobbing your head while you carve your freshly picked pumpkins.

Ghost — RAJ

Though RAJ only has two songs available for purchase, he took America by storm when he opened for The Neighbourhood last fall. RAJ’s haunting vocals and guitar strums leave fans wanting more. His creative sampling of a child’s eerie voice on this track provides listeners with a unique music experience just in time for the Halloween season.

Big Jet Plane — Angus and Julia Stone

Brother and sister duo Angus and Julia Stone provide listeners with the ultimate folk and blues melodies. This track consists of fascinating guitar riffs and extraordinarily tight harmonies. The Australian siblings’ sweet lyrics provide listeners with a great fireplace cuddle song for the fall season.


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