Drive-thru Starbucks planned as first step in community development

A new drive-thru Starbucks will be opening in August on the corner of La Mirada and Imperial.


A new Starbucks is being built across La Mirada Blvd. and will include a drive-thru. | Ashleigh Fox/THE CHIMES

Morgan Carr, Writer

A new Starbucks is being built across La Mirada Blvd. and will include a drive-thru. | Ashleigh Fox/THE CHIMES


A new drive-thru Starbucks will be opening in August on the southeast corner of La Mirada and Imperial Highway, replacing the current Starbucks on the southwest corner of the same intersection. This will be the first of several new additions to the area.


This store will be 2,419 square feet, a couple hundred square feet more than the current location. In addition to a larger space, a drive-thru will be added to this location, according to Alison More, community development manager of La Mirada.

Moore explained that Starbucks' realtors looked in the area for a place to put a drive-thru and found that the old gas station location would be the perfect space because of the large amount of land the place has to offer.

Starbucks was unable to answer any questions due to company policy.


Students have had a positive reaction to the addition to the street corner, mainly for the convenience.

“I usually go to the Rosecrans and La Mirada Starbucks because I don’t like turning left and making a U-turn to get to the Imperial one,” junior biblical studies major Megan Mann said. “It’s pretty cool that they are adding the new Starbucks because it will be easier to go to, because I can just turn right and not have to go through the whole process of turning around.”

The current Starbucks is not only inconvenient for students driving from the university’s La Mirada Boulevard entrance, but according to some students, it also lacks ample space.

“I go to the Starbucks on Rosecrans and La Mirada because it is bigger than the one on Imperial,” sophomore psychology major Karina Peters said. “I will definitely go to the new one if it’s bigger because there will be less of a hassle to get there.”

Hailey Burkhard, junior journalism major, said she believe the drive-thru will be the most beneficial part of the store.

“I definitely think it is an attraction to both myself and others, because if you are in a hurry and you don’t want to take the time to get out, you can just stay in your car and drive through,” Burkhard said.

The new store will be beneficial to both Biola and the city.

“I think any time you have new business here it helps the community. Anytime you increase traffic; however, that means for all of the businesses it’s creating jobs, it’s increasing sales tax which goes to the city,” Moore said.

Future plans are being made for new stores in the surrounding area. Starbucks is just the beginning of future developments, which will help meet the needs of the student body, according to Moore.

“I wish there were more options around campus. I feel like there really isn’t anything around campus,” freshman political science major Taylor Becker said. “A greater variety of eating options, preferably with some healthier options, would make going off campus more enjoyable.”


The city and realtors of La Mirada see this need, which is why plans for a Jersey Mike’s and Menchi’s yogurt are in the works, as well as the possibility of a Pieology in the Crossroads Center on La Mirada Boulevard and Imperial Highway, Moore said. Moore wants to make sure that Biola students specifically are covered in their needs.

“There will be some more things going in that will be good for you guys, it won’t be too far and you guys can go get some food,” Moore said.

Moore said she wants to hear the ideas of the Biola population and answer the needs of the students. If students have any suggestions, they may contact Moore at [email protected].

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