Faith, art and culture: CCCA events you won’t want to miss

The Center for Christianity Culture and the Arts strives to engage culture and its relation to Christianity.



Dr. Barry Corey cuts the ceremonial ribbon during the opening of the Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts on September 20. In addition to the ribbon cutting, guests enjoyed viewing work from various artists and a jazz concert on Metzger Lawn. | Tomber Su/THE CHIMES

Tyler Davis, Writer

Dr. Barry Corey cuts the ceremonial ribbon during the opening of the Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts on September 20. Since the ribbon cutting last semester, the CCCA has been and will continue to bring a variety of events for anyone associated with Biola. | Tomber Su/THE CHIMES [file photo]

Art is powerful. It is because of this simple fact that Biola launched the Center for Christianity Culture and the Arts in 2013. For generations, many evangelical Christians ignored the art world, deeming it worldly and immoral. The CCCA wants to change that. They strive to engage with culture and art and discuss their relation to the Christian faith. The CCCA does this by featuring music events, hosting film screenings followed by Q&A sessions, hosting artist workshops and more. Here’s a rundown of events happening this semester and extending into summer.

Random Acts of Culture: This series began in January and will continue throughout the remainder of the semester. These events bring Biola musicians out of the conservatory to perform 30-minute sets in various public spaces around campus. Their desire is to spread joy and cause reflection through the deeply moving art of music. Be on the lookout for soloists and ensembles busking around places like Fluor Fountain, Rose of Sharon Chapel and eating areas.

The Essentials Club: This is a film club that hosts screenings and discussions about films on campus. They are currently wrapping up a series of influential “Jesus Films” and discussing their value, theology and cultural impact. The Essentials Club believes in the power of film and desires an ongoing dialogue in the Christian community about how the medium either glorifies God or not. Be on the lookout next semester for plenty more film screenings.

Art of the Spirit: This fine art club is currently featuring the art of two Los Angeles-based artists, Kathleen A. Wilson and Linda J. Curry. Both of these talented artists are heavily influenced by the art and culture found in African-American heritage. Curry has created original quilts inspired by the vibrant fabrics in native African culture, creating unique works of art that reflect a deeply-rooted history of creativity. Wilson is displaying several paintings depicting an ancient African creation myth. This work can be found in the main level of the Biola University Library.

Artists and Faith, a panel discussion: A panel of visual artists will be holding a discussion at the Getty Center on Tuesday, April 29 at 7 p.m. The artists will be discussing the relationship between art and faith and the way artists incorporate their faith and beliefs into the art they create. The artists in question are known to incorporate religious themes and experiences into their art in a deeply meaningful and subtle way, encouraging valuable discussion about the intersection of art and faith. This event might be a bit of a drive, but it’s a worthwhile and beneficial opportunity for anyone to attend.

The CCCA is bringing art right to Biola’s doorstep. These are invaluable discussions for the Christian community, and it is important that Christians discuss and dialogue with culture. Beauty and meaning can be found in all kinds of music, films and fine art, and this pursuit of beauty is the foundation of the CCCA. 

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