Preparing yourself for the rest of the semester

With the end of the semester approaching, Karl Reimer gives tips to stay motivated.


Karl Reimer is the 2014 Opinions apprentice for The Chimes. | Olivia Blinn/THE CHIMES

Karl Reimer, Writer

I’m stressed, and it is quite possible that you are too. With the end of the semester less than five school weeks away, students find themselves longing to be done with school and out for summer. As each week passes, we anticipate freedom even more. Considering this, how should we motivate ourselves to get through this trying time?

Find quiet time

First, we should give ourselves time to breathe. I have a difficult time saying no to people when they invite me to social gatherings. However, if I never say no, I find myself exhausted and unsociable when attending said gatherings. Each person, whether an introvert or extrovert, needs to have time alone to gather their thoughts and mentally prepare for work, homework and conversations with others.

Be open with peers

Second, we should not be afraid to explain our difficulties to others. One of Biola’s best qualities is its community. Do not be afraid to speak with your roommate about the challenges you are facing because they can probably relate to you. If there is a professor or community leader you admire, do not be afraid to approach them and begin a conversation. As older and more mature individuals, they are more practiced in their ability to deal with stress. Finally, consider the value of family relationships. Your parents and siblings have seen you grow up and mature in various ways. Tapping into this resource can provide a different perspective on your situation.

Know when to recharge

Third, we should use the upcoming spring break to our advantage. Examine what personal need is most important to you. Do you need time to recharge? Perhaps some privacy at your parent’s house would be good. Have you felt trapped in La Mirada suburbia for the past three months? Consider getting a group of people together and travelling to the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park. Are your grades slipping along with your motivation levels? Take the first weekend of the break to recooperate, and then hit the books for the final seven days of break.

Look at progress

Finally, it is important to consider how far we’ve made it this semester. Whether you are a freshman, graduating senior or somewhere in between, you have experienced a year in the Biola community. You have made it through the ups and downs of classes, relationships and personal struggles. You have made achievements along the way through new friendships, good grades, job possibilities and individual growth. You have particular skills that are different than any other person on the face of the planet. 

Even if you are stressed like me, realize that we can make it through these final weeks of school. Take a moment to breathe. Talk about your concerns with a peer, professor or family member. Use spring break to your advantage. Finally, realize your worth as an individual. You are capable of conquering the final weeks of school. Let’s sprint to the finish line. 

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