Staff Editorial: Go out and play

The Chimes staff gives some ideas of things to do during spring break.

Board games like Apples To Apples, Catchphrase and Monopoly as shown here, are great ways to get to know friends over Spring Break. | COMMONS

Chimes Staff, Writer

Think back to a simpler time — a time before writing 12-page hermeneutics papers and studying for grade-altering chemistry exams kept you hunkered down in the library — when coming home from school meant spending the remaining daylight hours playing in the backyard until the sun sank below the trees and your mom called you in for dinner. Remember when free time was a time to play, explore and create?


College is time-demanding, but “all work and no play” makes for a dull student. It can leave us burnt-out, whereby we spend any free moment on the couch streaming Netflix. But don’t waste your spring break sleeping in until noon or playing Call of Duty until 2 a.m. Find relaxing yet productive and active ways to enjoy “me” time.

Spending time with friends and family could include a long hike. | COMMONS


This spring break is the time to dust off your old camera or get your hands dirty crafting. Having a break from school is the perfect opportunity to finally get around to that creative project you’ve been wanting to do all semester. Having a break from the daily routine of school will give yourself time to exercise the right-side of your brain. If you are planning to be in a rural area, take your camera on a hike with you and make a short film. If you are planning on living in the city go try a new restaurant and write about your experience. Take advantage of having time to explore instead of just staying indoors.


While flying solo has its perks, so does spending quality time with your friends. Gather a group together and take a day to have an adventure. If there’s a public park or other such area nearby, break out the picnic baskets, bikes and Frisbees and enjoy the spring weather. If you’re not into athletics, take along games like Apples-to-Apples or Catchphrase and get to know your friends’ goofier sides.


Board games like Apples To Apples, Catchphrase and Monopoly as shown here, are great ways to get to know friends over Spring Break. | COMMONS


If you are going home for break, take advantage of being at home with your parents and siblings. Consider taking your mom or dad to coffee in order to chat with them about life. It would mean so much if you asked to spend some one-on-one time with them. Maybe you could even play catch with your dad in the backyard, just like when you were growing up. As your parents are preparing dinner, ask if they need some help in the kitchen. If you are with your family, cherish that time and make the most of it.


The demands and stresses of college do not need to restrict you from exploring who you are as a person. When you participate in activities such as hiking, photography and engaging with your family, it means you actually care about self-discovery. Your life is a backyard waiting to be explored. Will you go out and play?

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