Biola hires new business dean

Gary Lindblad will step into his role as the Crowell School of Business dean in July.


Gary Linblad is the new dean for the Crowell School of Business. He will begin duties in July. | Courtesy of Gary Linblad

Augusta McDonnell, Writer

Gary Linblad is the new dean for the Crowell School of Business. He will begin duties in July. | Courtesy of Gary Linblad


Crowell School of Business dean Larry Strand is stepping down after 20 years of service.


“I’ve been doing the dean’s work while the search is going on, and now we have a candidate who's been chosen,” Strand said.

The job search began in fall 2013 with putting together the job description, explained Strand.

“Then you have a lot of eyes look it over, and then you put together a search committee,” he said.

The search committee is made up of 15 members, including faculty from Crowell School of Business and Talbot School of Theology, as well as other deans and vice provosts who want to be on the committee, according to Strand. The search committee works with an independent search firm.

There is a thorough application made of up a job description, qualifications and duties, Strand said. A section of the application is made up of short answer questions discussing doctrine and theology. Talbot reviews all faculty applications.

“It does take time, a year-long search is not unusual. There’s not that many candidates,” Strand said.


The process began earlier this year for Gary Lindblad, who will step into his new role in July.

“My wife Cindi and I were in Paris when I saw the opening,” Lindblad said.

He then reached out to the search firm and was later contacted by an executive search contact, followed by an interview with the search committee and meeting people at Crowell.

“There was a lot of discussion about where the school is, where it could go and thoughts on business education,” Lindblad said. “It was a great process.”

Lindblad is familiar with the Biola community, having spent time serving as a resident director in several dorms and completing his master’s degree in Christian Education at Talbot in 1983. He also served as Biola’s director of student ministries.

“This is the kind of kingdom work I want my career to culminate with,” Lindblad said of his duties as the upcoming business dean. He is looking forward to fellowship with faculty, colleagues and staff. He is also anticipating going to chapel and talking to students about the intersection between faith and career.

“My work can be more related to my Christian commitment,” Lindblad said.





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