Freshmen athletes give insight into their personal lives


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Freshmen Kim Russell and Marco Ruvalcaba share their feelings as newcomers both to the college experience and to a highly competitive athletic environment.

With each new sports season comes new student athletes. Since getting to know a bit about each athlete makes watching a game that much more fun, I decided to interview two new freshmen athletes, Marco Ruvalcaba of men’s soccer and Kim Russell of women’s volleyball.

Ruvalcaba is a local from La Mirada, and Russell is from Anaheim, Calif.

How do you like playing for Biola?
MR: “I have been enjoying playing for Biola and I’m looking forward to an undefeated season.”
KR: “The girls are absolutely amazing. By the way they treat us, you would never know we are freshmen.”

How do you manage school, sports and a social life?
MR: “It was definitely hard and took planning each night for the following day.”
KR: “School comes first. Volleyball is hard but that’s what makes it fun, and I have to choose between sleep and a social life. (I usually choose sleep.)”

Have you chosen a major?
MR: “I’m trying for pre-chiropractic, but I might switch to pre-med. eventually.”
KR: “Math.”

What are you looking forward to this semester the most with your team?
MR: “To have an undefeated season.”
KR: “To learn as much as I can from the older girls on the team.”

What motivates you the most in life?
MR: “Striving to be a good person, living for Christ and being successful through hard work.”
KR: “My family.”

How does your faith incorporate itself into your sport?
MR: “I try to incorporate my faith into my sport as I mature in Christ.”
KR: “A big focus of the team is making sure that we are being good witnesses with good sportsmanship, using good language, praying after games.”

What is your favorite sport to play other than your own?
MR: “Soccer.”
KR: “Soccer. I played until my junior year of high school.”

Who was your hero growing up?
MR: “My dad. He has 14 brothers and sisters, and when they were in Mexico they were very poor. He and his older brothers came here, got jobs and worked hard to move his family here to have a better life for them.”
KR: “I didn’t really have one.”

Do you have any hidden talents?
MR: “I can wiggle my thumb really well.”
KR: “I’ve played piano [for] seven years, I love to draw and paint and I am writing a book.”

What is your favorite food?
MR: “Mexican – I like tacos.”
KR: “Macaroni and cheese.”

Do you have a favorite hobby?
MR: “Disc Golf.”
KR: “Guitar Hero.”

Are you a night owl or a morning person?
MR: “Neither, I’m the opposite.”
KR: “Night owl!”

What is the thing you miss most and least from home?
MR: “I live at home so I do not miss anything, but I do like the new freedoms of not having a curfew.”
KR: “Most: my brothers and my dog. Least: my bedspread.”

What is your favorite moment from your high school team?
KR: “After our last game of CIF we all stood in a circle crying and praying”

How did scoring that goal last week [for Biola] make you feel?
MR: “It felt like every other goal but only a million times better, especially because it was my first goal for Biola.”

New athletes around Biola’s campus are definitely worth getting to know. Going to their games and cheering them on will not only show them that you are happy they are at Biola, but will also encourage them to play their best as they represent their school.

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