5 songs for Lent season

Tyler Davis shares five songs meant to aid reflection and meditation during the Lent season.



Tyler Davis, Writer

Lent is a time of reflection on Christ and his sacrifice and ultimately points to his victory over death. This playlist is designed to draw you nearer to God and deepen your meditation on the themes explored during the season of Lent. Some tracks are reimaginings of classic hymns and others are contemporary songs that contain themes relevant to this reflective period.

1. “Be Thou My Vision” by Pedro The Lion:

This simple and intimate version of the classic hymn is beautifully interpreted by frontman Dave Bazan, and its stripped-down aesthetic makes it ideal for quiet time or devotional reading. Bazan’s vocal performance is gritty and vulnerable, giving the track a whole new depth.

2. “Death In His Grave” by John Mark McMillan:

McMillan is best known for his worship song “How He Loves,” but this song is just as captivating. This track is a folk song in the vein of Of Monsters And Men that dwells on the hope of Christ’s resurrection. Lyrically, this track has more in common with a Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen song than with any contemporary Christian artist.

3. “Holy Holy Holy” by Sufjan Stevens:

One of the best parts of Stevens’ Christmas albums is the inclusion of traditional hymn among the holiday satire, and this track is perhaps the best of them all. The floaty vocals sit perfectly atop the soft piano and acoustic guitar instrumentation, making for a truly worshipful experience.

4. “Devil Knows You’re Dead” by Delta Spirit:

This track from indie rock band Delta Spirit has the soul of an old gospel song. The lyrics encourage perseverance through hardship and look forward to heaven as a final relief from the world’s troubles. Though Delta Spirit is by no means a Christian band, many of their songs are deeply spiritual, and this track takes the cake in that regard.

5. “Amazing Grace” by Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues:

Cat Power has always been one of the most moving singer/songwriters in the independent music scene, and this track is no exception. The bluesy instrumentation works perfectly alongside the lyrics and Power’s haunting vocals. This unique take on the most classic of all hymns will make listeners see the song in a new light and perhaps give it new meaning.

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