Top 5 music documentaries Netflix has to offer

Tyler Davis showcases some of the best music documentaries available on Netflix.

Tyler Davis, Writer

Netflix is usually thought of as a place to binge-watch favorite TV shows like Breaking Bad, The Office and How I Met Your Mother. But many people are unaware that it is also a treasure trove of music documentaries. Here are some of the best for your consideration:


5. “Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon”

This film follows the band of three brothers and one cousin from their humble beginnings in backwoods garages to their triumphant rise as indie rock heroes, selling out arenas across the country. The most riveting aspect of this documentary, though, is the behind-the-scenes look the audience gets at the Followill family. Raised by a traveling revival preacher who ultimately fell into alcoholism, the boys struggle with their ideas of faith, God and grace. This one is a must see.


4. “Pearl Jam Twenty”


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Many people think of Pearl Jam as a cheesy ‘90s rock band who rode the coattails of their bigger musical brother Nirvana. This documentary proves they are much more than that. Formed out of the ashes of several Seattle area rock bands, present and former band members tell the story of how they became one of the musical acts to define Generation X.


3. “I Need That Record!”


This documentary is a bit of a tragic love story. Filmmaker Brendan Toller visits several independent record stores around the United States, some of which are on the verge of closing. This film shows the significant impact these stores had on the customers that frequented them and the hole in society that is left when they close their doors. “I Need That Record!” is evidence of why clicking “Buy Now” on iTunes cheats you out of a valuable, romantic and beautiful experience of holding a record in your hand and appreciating it as a true work of art.


2. “Upside Down: The Creation Records Story”


The Creation Records Story”: This film tells the story of ‘90s indie rock moguls Creation Records and the bands that filled their roster. Even though many of the bands featured are fairly unknown to average people, these artists are worth checking out. Indie music listeners will love this one.


1. “Big Star; Nothing Can Hurt Me”


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This is the story of the band that never made it. Big Star was a band in the ‘70s that played amazing, moving rock and roll, but because of poor record label marketing, they never achieved the success they deserved. This film tells the story that many people don’t know and shares the music that everyone should know.

Next time you’re procrastinating on homework and thinking of watching a few episodes of Parks & Rec, give these films a try. Who knows, you could find a new favorite artist. 

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